Finally, This Underrated Y2K Nail Shape Is Making A Triumphant Return

Plus other looks to try this summer.

square nails for 2022

The jackpot of buzzy fashion and beauty trends, the ‘90s and Noughties continue to influence pop culture in 2022 — with the latest re-emergence, square-shaped nails. “Take a look at the red carpet these days and you will see many people sporting square nails again,” says Vanessa Sanchez McCullough, celebrity nail artist. “Just like everything else in fashion, old becomes new.” Square nails are beloved for their versatility, as they can be styled both striking and bold, or minimalist and low-maintenance depending on your mani personal style.

And it’s easy to get the look at home compared to some shapes like coffin nails — all you really need is a great nail file to square off the tip of your nails, moving in smooth, even strokes across the edge. But while square tip nails are having their time in the spotlight, there are still a ton of other chic nail shapes to play with for a fresh summer mani.

Squoval, ballerina, almond, and coffin are among the many other looks popping up all over social media these days. Learning about the plethora of nail shapes out there to choose from isn’t exactly complicated, but picking the right one for you can become overwhelming (especially if you’re an ardent mani fan).

For that reason, TZR spoke to several celebrity manicurists to get the 411 on square nails and the other trending nail shapes for summer. Ahead, they are even sharing some tried and true tools to achieve the look from the comfort of your own home.


Defined by their 90-degree angles and flat tops, square nails are a great choice for narrow nail beds as they give the impression of extra width — making nails appear wider than they are. “Square nails tend to be harder wearing and withstand more impact than other shapes so your nails could last longer,” says Thea Greene, founder of Nails.INC.

According to McCullough, nail art on a square nail can go two ways: you can complement the shape and work with straight lines and geometric shapes, or contrast the shape and introduce more flowy lines and negative space. Because square nails tend to snap at the edges, the expert recommends keeping nails supple and flexible by slathering them with cuticle oil so they stay conditioned.


When you desire a sharp shape, look no further than stiletto nails — famous for their long, piercing points. Typically done with long extensions, this dramatic trend is great at displaying intricate nail art. And if you’re worried about your natural nails or acrylics breaking, take the less committed route and test out press-on options. A fun way to highlight stiletto nails are with technicolor tips, bold nail art, or neon splashes.


Squoval, a fantastic hybrid of square and oval, has a sharper tip than square without the angled corners. The softer edges are durable and won’t snag on clothing or items. According to Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist, the shape looks good on both long and short nails lengths.


“Almond-shaped nails are slim on the sides and wide on the base, coming to a rounded peak,” shares Lippmann. The tapered tip on almond nails are great for elongating nails. “Keeping your nails moisturized is the key to healthy nails,” Hannah Park, brand representative at Color Street tells TZR when discussing maintenance tips. The pro recommends taking breaks in between manicures to keep nails soft and healthy.


For minimalist lovers, round nails are the style for you. The semi-circle shape, resembling the natural shape of the cuticle, is as low maintenance as you can get. “Round nails are rounded at the free edge with no tapering,” McCullough tells TZR. “This means the width of the nail remains consistent from cuticle to edge.”


Made popular by Lizzo and Kylie Jenner, ballerina nails, also known as coffin nails, are long nails with a blunt tip. The tips are tapered and end in a flat, squared-off shape. Similar to the stiletto trend, they are statement nails that act more like a fashion accessory than a manicure. In terms of taking care of ballerina nails, Anastasia Totty, LeChat Nails educator says, “cuticle oil is to the cuticles what conditioner is to hair, it moisturizes and gives a perfect finish to your skin.” The pro recommends LeChat CBD Cuticle Oil, which has full spectrum CBD and is rich in vitamin E and moisturizing essential oils to help prevent them from drying out and chipping.

Ready to try out some of the these nail shape trends yourself? Ahead, some highly expert-recommended products to achieve your desired look with ease.

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