Level Up Your At-Home Nail Care Routine With This $18 Cuticle Oil

And it’s on Amazon.

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At-home nail care is perhaps more popular than ever, and it’s not difficult to see why. Cutting down on salon visits (or cutting them out altogether) has obvious benefits for your wallet, but it’s also pretty empowering to learn how to give yourself professional-level manicures. The steps involved in any nail routine will vary depending on your needs and preferences, but any nail expert or enthusiast will tell you that cuticle oil is crucial for strong, healthy nails. The best cuticle oils will not only make it easier to push back and trim the cuticle but nourish the nails with hydrating ingredients.

To incorporate a cuticle oil into your nail care routine, simply place a drop or two onto each cuticle and rub it in so the product properly absorbs. Some oils are even packaged with a pen applicator or balm formula to make the process a bit less messy.

You may not be surprised to know that you can find a variety of best-selling cuticle oils on Amazon, with plenty of reviews to back up their popularity. To help you work your way through the seemingly endless pages of products, TZR has rounded up some of the best cuticle oils available on Amazon, from longstanding nail care experts like OPI and Sally Hansen as well as lesser-known brands.

Ahead, check out some of Amazon’s favorite cuticle oils and discover why customers love them.

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Lightweight Cuticle Oil

Pros: Absorbs quickly, light almond scent | Notable ingredients: Jojoba oil, sweet almond seed, vitamin E

One Reviewer Said: “As a nail technician I cannot say enough about the importance of applying a cuticle oil regularly. Especially in the winter! There is a reason why this one is the most popular one out there among nail technicians, great scent and easily absorbed. Leaves nails strong and hydrated.”

Cuticle Serum

Pros: No-mess applicator, non-greasy | Notable ingredients: Japanese seaweed, aloe vera, rich bran oil, shea butter, vitamin E

One Reviewer Said: “I bought this because I get dip/powder manicures a lot, which is super rough on the nails once the polish is removed. My nails are noticeably scratched and weak after the polish is removed, so I’ve been using this cream, and the effects are obvious and almost immediate. My nails look so much less damaged once I put this on, and regularly applying it helps me get them back to normal. Plus, it smells really good and feels very light on the fingers instead of oily and sticky like some other nail conditioners. Highly recommend, and it is well worth the price.”

Scented Cuticle Oils

Pros: Light scent | Notable ingredients: Jojoba oil, vitamins B & E

One Reviewer Said: “Omg!! It smells SOOOOO good! It absorbs into my nails really well and leaves them looking moisturized! You don’t need a full drop for each nail as that will make you run out faster, but it’s good quality for your money.”

Pros: Light scent | Notable ingredients: Green tea, vitamin E

One Reviewer Said: “This is what my cuticles have been missing! I've tried many other oils and my cuticles would still be dry and noticeable. My manicure would look great but my cuticles...not so much. Now I apply this every day and the difference is amazing. Absorbs quickly and there isn't a strong odor.”

Pros: Chic packaging | Notable ingredients: Safflower oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E

One Reviewer Said: “This is a very good product. It hydrates, smoothens and improves the cuticle and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It has a lightweight texture and the smell is nice! I noticed that since my cuticle is healthier my nails are getting stronger.”

Cuticle Oil Balm

Pros: Easy application | Cons: Reviewers note it can be difficult to twist up and comes with a small amount of product | Notable ingredients: Aloe, safflower oil, vitamin E oil

One Reviewer Said: “Love this product for its ease of application, its smooth texture, and its dry finish. I couldn’t use my phone without leaving greasy fingerprints after using other cuticle oils and balms, but this balm never leaves my fingers oily—just soft.”

Vitamin E Cuticle Oil

Pros: Brush applicator | Notable ingredients: Vitamin E, apricot kernel, aloe

One Reviewer Said: “Does the job... moisturizes and nourishes my cuticles and nails. My nails are also growing as a result which was my aim since I bite them. I quite liked the packaging of the bottle and brush applicator that helps applying onto the nail. Almost like a nail polish.”

Cuticle Oil With The Prettiest Packaging

Pros: Infused with real dried flowers | Notable ingredients: Mineral oils

One Reviewer Said: “I love this! Smells amazingly good. Just like strawberries. It is lightweight and effective. My fingers aren't greasy at all after use. It's been two weeks and I try to use this about 3-4 times a week at least. I can tell this bottle will last me quite some time.”

Anti-Aging Cuticle Oil

Pros: Can use brush or dropper applicator | Notable ingredients: Grape seed, sesame, kukui, sunflower & cupuaçu oils

One Reviewer Said: “From the moment I put this on my cuticles & fingernails I noticed a difference. I used it on my toenails as well. A little goes a long way. With 1 drop I can moisturize 1 hand. The scent is pleasant not strong. It does not linger.”

Cuticle Oil Pens

Pros: Easy application | Cons: Some reviewers say the packaging leaks | Notable ingredients: Vitamin E

One Reviewer Said: “I love this little cuticle oil pen. I keep it in my purse so I can use it anywhere. I have really really fast-growing cuticles and using this daily has helped keep them from getting dried out and flaky. I have used it for 4 months and just reordered a second, so it lasts a long time too!”

Pros: Easy application | Notable ingredients: Tea tree oil, vitamin E

One Reviewer Said: “I've been using this product for 3 weeks, and I can genuinely say that my cuticles are in the best shape they have been in many many years. The nail itself also looks healthier too (I don't use varnish, so I can see the improvement in color and appearance).”