PSA: Short Nails Deserve Cute Nail Art, Too

Designs to add to your mani mood board.

by Natasha Marsh
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Long nails might have more real estate for designs, but short nails can look just as good with nail art and are even easier to maintain. So grab your nail file and cuticle tools while you scroll through these chic and playful short nail ideas for one stylish summer manicure.@oliveandjune
Triple French

A fun update on the traditional French, this summer, triple French manicures are trending, especially for short nails. Stick to the same color family, or mix and match different colors for the tips.

Nature’s Finest

Channel seasonal greens with this nature-inspired manicure. And because short nails look their best when they are well-groomed, make sure to clean up your cuticles for a fresh finish.

Fresh Fruit

The perfect summer mani incorporates fruit designs like watermelon and passion fruit. To do at home, opt for a thin nail brush or a pack of stickers.

Shape Up

A mix and match of geometric shapes is a great way to create the illusion that your nails are longer than they actually are. The key is in the negative space that shows through, which can easily be achieved with a piece of tape and your favorite polish.

Sheer Dance

Sometimes more is less when it comes to your nail designs. Such is definitely the case with this sheer manicure and yellow accent. A clean rounded edge sets off the whole look beautifully.

Summer Love

French manicures are traditionally seen with line art for the tips, but these heart sticker tips are the hot remake for summer. For DIY, hearts can be secured with clear nail polish.

Happy Y2K

A manicure with a rainbow and smilie face is Y2K beauty at its finest. Make sure to add a strong top coat to make your designs last even longer.


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