The Best Milk Bath Nail Designs For The Dreamiest Winter Manicure

Ethereal and chic.


If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram, you’ve probably come across a milk bath photoshoot. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like — milk (in either liquid or powder form) is added to bathwater that the subject is then submerged in, resulting in soft, ethereal photos with strategically concealed body parts. Oftentimes, flowers, vines, or other items are added to the water for an even more artistic image. It became a popular trend in the photography world before making its way over to beauty, with milk bath nails taking Instagram by storm. Currently, the hashtag #milkbathnails has over 6,000 posts and counting, with nail artists from all over the globe sharing their interpretations of the trend.

It’s easy to see why milk bath nails have made such a splash; the sheer, milky polish is a super chic way to elevate your everyday manicure — plus, you can get creative with adding flowers or other elements. It’s a stunning look for any time of year, but milk bath nails are especially dreamy for the winter season.

Looking for a fresh fall nail look? Ahead, discover 10 of the most stunning milk bath nail designs to inspire your winter manicure.

Classic White

You can’t go wrong with a classic, sheer white — it’s even one of Jennifer Lopez’s favorite nail looks. This manicure by celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik is so simple and chic.

Minimal Flowers

Taking inspiration directly from milk bath photoshoots, this kind of manicure typically uses real, dried flowers embedded into the milky polish. The result is just as pretty and feminine as milk bath photos.


A neutral, milky base is the perfect backdrop for these stunning butterfly designs.

Accent Nail

If you’re not feeling a whole set of milk bath nails, go for a single accent nail on each hand for a more subtle approach. This particular look includes handpainted flowers for a feminine touch.

Blue Flames

Who said milk bath nails can’t be edgy? This red-outlined blue flame design takes this mani from soft and sweet to fiery and bold.


Milk bath nails don’t just have to be white or neutral. This neon color palette is eye-catching and fun but the ombre design keeps things soft and dreamy.

Gold Embellishments

Nail jewels seem to also be having a moment right now and are a great way to kick a neutral manicure up a notch — or five.


This pink ombre moment is so pretty that you probably won’t be able to stop staring at your own hands.

Against Wintery Colors

Bring your milk bath mani into the festive season by incorporating warm neutrals and jewel tones.

With Classic Red

Nothing says “classic” quite like a red manicure. Keep things interesting with a milk bath accent nail featuring a dainty red floral design.