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This Alluring Color Is The Freshest Way To Get Out Of Your Manicure Rut

Break out of your comfort zone.

purple nails

Getting a fresh manicure is one of life’s joys that should never be taken for granted. Between a perfectly-filed new shape and a shiny coat of polish, it can instantly lift your mood. But when it comes to choosing the shade, it’s easy to get into a rut. Nudes and muted coffee browns have a natural feel, matching any outfit year-round like the nail equivalent to your favorite neutral lipstick. On the other hand, staring aimlessly at the rainbow of lacquers searching for a new one is daunting — but it doesn't have to be. Purple nails are the latest color trend that’s fitting for any and every mood, and there are so many different types to choose from.

With the recent popularity of bolder hues like blue, orange, and pink, it’s unsurprising to see violet now at the forefront. Similar to those other standout shades, purple offers a wide spectrum of options. For those who prefer subtle colors, lilac, lavender, and mauve are ideal for that clean, put-together look. On the other hand, dark plums and eggplant allow you to lean into the vampier side of the trend. There’s even a range of opulent nail designs that just feel regal, the luxe quality purples are known for. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, the internet is brimming with inspiration.

Ahead, a few options to bookmark for your next appointment or DIY session.

Violet Chevron

With a range of undertones, purple can span from icy and nearly gray to dark midnight. This chevron design takes advantage of the options and uses three different polishes at once. The result is a cool pattern and eye-catching manicure.

Deep Plum

Still in your vampy nail color era? No problem — a dark plum polish is the perfect alternative to black or navy. Fully lean into the shade with a simple, solid manicure. Whether sporting long nails or a natural length, it’s sure to deliver moody vibes.

Invisible French Manicure

The invisible French manicure is a daring take on the classic design. It typically features clean lines and barley-there shades. But this variation utilizes a creamy, dark lavender color to create the effect. For even more drama, it uses clear extensions and single rhinestone at the tip of the nail.

Textured Design

Instagram has no shortage of mesmerizing nail designs. This one uses a chrome violet shade that has a reflective effect. But it also has a cool, textured element that adds to the allure. While this may not be the easiest manicure to DIY at home, it is certainly one that deserves to be seen.

Dreamy Clouds

Need a quick pick-me-up? Look no further than this dreamy manicure. The glossy bare nails feature tiny, hand-painted clouds and delicately placed rhinestones. But the cherry on top is the lilac French tips. They’re the perfect accent to this fun design.

Lavender Chrome

If you’ve been dying to try chrome nails, consider this your cue to take the leap. This manicure uses a light lavender polish and an iridescent topcoat to create an ethereal look. While you can opt for short nails, a long, square shape adds to the effect. Plus, it will give it a nostalgic Y2K feel that’s currently on trend.

Negative Space Swirls

If you tend to stick to light and airy manicures, you can still hop on the purple nail train. This set features a contemporary swirled design and a soft lilac color. You can even take things one step further and add a slim silver outline. To get the best look, try opting for long almond nails for extra design real estate.


Dark and vampy manicures can extend deep into the colder months. Instead of reaching for your go-to shade, why not give this amethyst hue a try? Like the gemstone, it’s intensely pigmented and shiny. It even has a witchy feel that’s mysterious and sultry all at once.

Rainbow Ombré

The ombré technique is usually used to blend multiple shades on the same nail in a gradient. However, this look presents a new twist. It artfully uses the method to merge a creamy lilac with a Barbie-esque pink polish. The result is as daring as it is fun.

Muted Mauve

Muted shades are especially popular during this time of year. This hazy color teeters the line between eggplant and a warmer mauve. Not only is it interesting, but it has a subtle regal feel that screams quiet luxury. Just be sure to use a gel polish and matching topcoat to enhance the shine