Bored With Regular Nail Art? Time To Take On A 3D Manicure Instead

Totally textured, completely creative.

Kevin Mazur/MG23/Getty Images
Ashley Park 3D nails met gala 2023

There will always be room for cool, themed nail art in the celebrity world — even the biggest stars can’t resist a delicate flower etched on one finger, or a smattering of sparkle to break up all those luxe neutrals. But there’s something distinctly different about modern manicure designs, and it essentially flips the entire concept on its head. Rather than get some detailed graphics painted on, the celebrity 3D nail trend turns the entire area into wearable art, incorporating texture and relief to create some of the most mind-bending manis ever seen.

One of the most intriguing aspects of three-dimensional nails is all the new possibilities it opens up outside of simple polish alone. They can vary extremely, ranging from a carefully-arranged constellation of crystals to a laser-cut set that looks like something from another planet. Keep it on the simple side, like Kylie Jenner’s textured dewdrops, or go for something deliciously intricate like Ashley Park’s metallic Met Gala masterpiece. High-tech tools like additive manufacturers (also known as 3D printers) and cutting-edge polymer formulas can make virtually any design — no matter how abstract — a reality.

Ahead, get to know the inspiring new trend, with all sorts of styles and variations beloved by some of the most stylish celebrities in the game.

Megan Fox


Fox’s intricate sets are tentpoles of the entire 3D trend. She was an early proponent of the futuristic look, teaming up with celebrity artist Brittney Boyce to create all sorts of detailed cutout designs.

Keke Palmer


Leave it to Palmer, the consummate cool girl, to show off multiple types of texture at once. On her ring finger, a puffy gold swirl pops against orange polish. Meanwhile, her thumbnail is covered in raised dots and crystals.

Jennifer Lopez


A more demure take on the craze, Lopez’s Tom Bachik-designed manicure combines matte nudes and whites to create an ideal backdrop for the three-dimensional flower charms placed across a few fingers.

Megan Thee Stallion


Thee Hot Girl Captain is always one step ahead, and that includes her ever-changing manicures. For her special collaboration with Reneé Rapp ahead of the Mean Girls movie musical, she opted for almond-shaped nails topped with trippy fuchsia.

Kylie Jenner


Jenner loves her dewdrop nails so much, she’s worn them in several different colors and or all types of occasions. One of her best, though, is this juicy orange, which just screams summertime.

Hailey Bieber


Fun fact: Nail artist Zola Ganzorigt shared that she and Bieber tested out at least 50 different nail colors when creating this 3D glow-in-the-dark manicure for Coachella. The raised metallic veins are a relatively minimalist way to try the trend.

Ashley Park


It takes a lot to be a Met Gala standout, but Park blew away the competition with this cutout manicure by Naomi Yasuda. Rather than using raised suds, Yauda used negative relief for a punky twist.

Dua Lipa


Lipa’s loved a textured mani for years, and keeps coming back to this funky, gloopy style for vacation. Incorporating both chrome and raised bumps, it’s a one-of-a-kind look for an equally unique star.

Kerry Washington


3D nails don’t necessarily have to be confusingly high-tech. Washington embraced an old-school take on the trend by decking her royal blue nails out with assorted shimmering rhinestones.