Spring Is Pixie Cut Season & These 15 Looks Are Proof

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by Natasha Marsh and Erin Lukas
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chic pixie cuts for spring and summer
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Short hair is synonymous with warmer weather. Not only is there less hair to wash and style, which saves you money on hair products, but you’re also able to stay cool while fighting scorching temperatures and humidity. And sure you can choose from bobs, shags, and more short hair options, but if you want to keep things chic and lightweight, it's high time you considered some pixie haircut ideas.

Seen on red carpet celebrities and social media influencers, a pixie haircut, featuring shorter sides and strands at the nape of the neck, is one of the most expressive styles you could wear this spring and summer. Worn messy and undone or slicked back and sleek, the pixie is beloved for its low-maintenance upkeep (needing only an anti-frizz serum and pomade for daily styling) and it’s breathable aesthetic, which is perfect for running around in the city when the temperatures hit triple digits.

Because this cut helps to open up the face, it highlights the bone structure and cheekbones, creating a finish best described as main-character energy. To help you decide on the right pixie for you, TZR scoured Instagram for 15 chic pixie haircut ideas that are definitely worth trying as we usher in the warm weather. Check them out below and learn a few tips to help maintain the show-stopping look.

Side-Parted Pixie

A deep side part is not only a chic way to style a pixie, but it will also add body and volume to a close crop — no styling products required.

Shaggy Pixie

The shag is the unicorn of haircuts because it can be adapted to any length — including the pixie. Here, this short cut features a ton of layers to bring out the hair’s wave pattern. After washing a shaggy pixie, dry hair with a diffuser to help waves and curls take shape.

Mullet Pixie

Before you completely write off the mullet, hear us out: The longer length in the back adds a cool contrast to the shorter front and sides of a pixie. Plus, the choppy layers add edge to your overall look. When styling a mullet pixie, warm up a hair paste in the palms of your hands and rake it through your hair to create a tousled, effortles finish.

The Bixie

The ‘90s look is back in full-force, thanks to its versatility. An ingenious blend of the bob and pixie, the bixie features a mix of layers to add texture and dimension across all hair types. While anyone can nail this look, it’s a great option for those going short for the first time since it’s slightly longer than a traditional pixie. To enhance your new layers, spritz your hair with a texturizing spray.

Textured Pixie

Pixie cuts are versatile and can be worn on any hair texture, as seen here. Slick down your sides with a combination of styling gel and cream and leave the top hair longer and wispy.

Voluminous Pixie

Worn to a black-tie event or office meeting, a high-volume pixie is the ultimate hybrid of chic and playful. This modern cut allows wavy texture to shine in all its glory.

Polished Pixie

Slick, just-got-out-of-the-shower is the vibe with this dressed-up pixie. To style, grab some hair spray, wax, and a bristle brush to make sure all flyaways are hidden.

Highlighted Pixie

Who says you have to choose between blonde and brunette when you can do both? The collision of the colors make for great dimension with a pixie cut. Remember to rake through a dollop of hair oil with a fine tooth comb to maintain shine.

Side-Swept Pixie

It’s hard to hate any look Zoë Kravitz tries — case in point, her signature pixie. Here, heavy, side-swept bangs add depth to the choppy cut. For styling, add a generous amount of pomade for long-lasting hold.

Embrace The Grays

When it comes to pixies, layers are the way to go, especially when showing off your gray hair. The choppy style adds elegant drama. To sustain hydration, work in a weekly hair mask.

Curtain Bangs Pixie

It wouldn’t be a 2023 pixie without a set of curtain bangs. Embraced by the biggest celebrities and fans alike, curtain bangs allow your long fringe to hang freely. Pile on the hair oils for a glossy finish.

‘90s Throwback

A stunning Y2K tribute to Justin Timberlake and all other celebrities who stood by frosted and highlighted tips, this throwback pixie is surprisingly effortless and modern. By letting the color transition from dark to blonde, you’ll bring great depth to the overall cut.

Tapered Pixie

By nature, pixies are either short on the sides, short at the nape of the neck, or both. Emphasize your luscious curls and coils with shaved sides and plenty of volume on top. You’ll want to have a curl pudding or cream on hand for daily salon-worthy spirals.

Full Body Wedge

Soften things up with rounded, swoop bangs and a strong wedge-shaped back — allowing thick hair to show off its full body. For daily maintenance, work in an anti-frizz serum for a sleek, smooth finish.

Old Hollywood

An ode to old Hollywood glamour, dress up your pixie with soft finger waves. This look screams effortless glam and can be worn to weddings and all special events this summer.

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