The Shag Haircut Is The Only Accessory You’ll Need For A Stylish Fall

It’s blowing up.

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Baja Studio
Baja Studio

Walk up and down the streets of any major city today and you’d think you were transported back to the ‘70s — more specifically, on the set of Charlie’s Angels alongside Farrah Fawcett. On the fashion front, you’d be hard-pressed to miss fringe jackets and flared jeans out in the wild. And from the beauty side of things, there’s one particular look from the decade coming back in full force: shag haircuts. And there’s not just one iteration of the look available either — the experts say there are infinite tweaks and customizations (think thick fringe, ‘shullets’, and hybrid styles!), that can make the look feel signature to you and your unique style.

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“Trends come and go, but I’m definitely seeing a revival of retro hairstyles like the shag, curtain bangs, and mullets,” Sally Hershberger, a celebrity hairstylist and the mastermind behind Meg Ryan’s iconic ‘90s shag as well as Miley Cyrus’ shag look from 2020, tells TZR. “Shags are really popular right now because they’re super easy to modernize with blunt bangs and textured layers.” Adding to that is Adir Abergel, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner, who believes part of the reason this style is so popular is that it helps people express themselves through hair. “The shag is a classic haircut that represents freedom — fun, effortless, layered, [and] tousled,” he explains.

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And according to Angela Soto, owner of Baja Studio in Soho, New York, the trend perhaps started with the French girl curtain bang craze a couple of years ago. “That slowly started turning into heavier face-framing layers which then turned into full-on shags,” she tells TZR. “I think, more and more, we are accepting natural textures so it was this resurgence of a style and shape that made curly or wavy hair a little more creative and different.”

Plus, Lauren Bailey, founder of Fever Few Hair in Los Angeles, says the layering of the haircut is tailored around each client’s individual bone structure. “Unlike a one-length bob that can add volume to the client's face or jawline, a shag can add softness and texture to emphasize cheekbones or perfectly frame out the eyes,” she tells TZR. “All lengths and textures look great with this cut.”

If you’re sold on the throwback look, keep scrolling to find seven shag haircut ideas to show to your hairstylist at your next appointment. Don’t forget to pull out your suede fringe jacket and cool flared trousers, too.

“Shullet” Hybrid

Fever Few Hair

Bailey says her favorite take on the hairstyle is the “shullet,” a hybrid hairstyle that incorporates components from a modern mullet and a ‘70s shag. The expert explains that this look consists of “blending the mullet and shag together to create a soft feminine shape that is edgy but still refined.” Therefore, if you can’t decide between the two trendy cuts, this one allows for the best of both worlds.

Modern Mullet

Baja Studio

“I tend to lean towards what I call a ‘modern shag,’ which is taking the essence of the cut, bangs, and a face frame, but leaving the layers long in the back,” Soto explains. The New York-based hairstylist especially adores this approach to shag cuts on bobs and long hair.

Curtain Bangs On Shag Haircuts

Fever Few Hair

Bailey is also loving a longer curtain fringe take on the trend. “You can still have a shag without committing to a full bang,” she explains. “Sometimes a cheekbone-length curtain bang is perfect to keep the client in their comfort zone, but can still give them all the effortless styling and charm of the shag haircut.”

Curly Shag Haircuts

Baja Studio

Another sought-after iteration of the cut that Soto is seeing is the curly shag, which she says is ideal for all curl types. “By cutting a fringe and lots of layers, it’s instantly so much cooler and adventurous,” the hairstylist explains. “It’s hard for curly hair to have a different shape, so the curly shag is definitely a way to have more fun.”

Heavy Fringe On Shag Haircuts

Cherin Choi, a Los Angeles-based hairstylist, says one of the trending looks she’s noticing at the moment is heavy fringe down the middle, which she notes, “definitely adds for a framing shag vibe with an easy grow out.” Read: Give this particular style a whirl if you’re worried about your haircut or bangs growing out a bit wonky.

Long Layers On Shag Haircuts

Adir Abergel

Abergel created Anne Hathaway’s shag look above back in 2019, however, he says it remains a popular version of the trend today. “This style is perfect for anyone who is looking for a change,” he explains. “I kept the layers a bit longer and layered around her face making it more versatile and easy to style.”

Blunt Bangs On Shag Haircuts

Hershberger is into the shag with blunt bangs, as exhibited above on Maisie Williams. “Since the shag is typically a softer cut with lots of layers, it looks cool when contrasted with blunt bangs,” the hairstylist explains. “Being different and edgy is so in right now, and this variation definitely gives you that cool, lived-in look.” Using a flexible styling gel to keep your bangs frizz-free and add in some texture to match your layered chop.

Now that you’re familiar with the trending styles for the upcoming season, it’s time to decide on a cut and book your appointment.

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