PSA: Women Over 50 Can Have Cool & Stylish Haircuts, Too

Chic hair doesn’t have to stop with age.

woman over 50 haircut

There are many beautiful things that come with aging: strong relationships with friends and family, wisdom, confidence, a deeper sense of self, retirement, and the ability to truly do what you want. But what might not be as welcome are the hair changes that can occur. When women hit age 50, hair starts to lose pigment (if it hasn’t already) resulting in gray hair. Texture can completely change from straight to curly or frizzy, and moisturized to dry. On top of all of that, it can also start to thin and fall out. That’s where the best haircuts for women over 50 can make a big difference.

“One of the most noticeable changes in women over 50 is hair thinning,” shares Ashanti Lation, celebrity hairstylist and owner of VIP Luxury Hair Care. “All of these are normal occurrences and can be attributed to things like hair follicles producing less melanin (causing grays), hormone changes, the slowing of cell reproduction, and nutritional deficiencies.”

In order to find the best styles that will help enhance your natural beauty and work with these hair changes, TZR enlisted celebrity hairstylists to share their favorite haircuts and styles for women over 50. Some on the list will help revitalize depth and dimension, while others focus on shine and hydration. So if you’re looking for a fresh ‘do that will instantly add volume and body, read on for the experts’ six go-to haircuts.

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Shoulder Grazing

Aquage brand ambassador Laura Polko styles a lot of her clients over 50 in a shoulder length cut, as it’s chic and classy with minimal effort. To style this look, the expert recommends Sea Extend Silkening Oil Foam, to combat frizz, and a round brush to blow out the hair — turning ends under for optimal volume. “This is a great length for side bangs or longer curtain bangs, especially if you’re experiencing thinning hair, because it makes hair look fuller,” Polko shares. “It’s also a good style for greying hair due to the texture change, which can ultimately give this style more lifted volume and movement.”

Pixie Shag

Longer than a classic pixie, yet shorter than a bob, the pixie shag has lots of airy layers that add volume to any texture. Plus the shape is structured and lived-in, making styling easy in just a few steps. To add even more volume, curl large sections of the hair and add in a dry texturizing spray to soften the curls. Erinn Courtney, StyleSeat hairstylist, suggests keeping up with salon appointments for trims and deep conditions at least once a month to keep hair moisturized and easy to maintain at home.

Sleek Chin-Length Bob

According to Lation, the chin length bob frames the face for a sleek and classy look. And if gray hair is a concern for you, you can always add in full color or highlights. “When dealing with new texture because of grey hair, it’s important to modify the way you’re blowing out hair,” says Polko. “For graying strands, I recommend going in with a paddle brush, not a round brush, when hair is 40 – 50 percent dry, which can work to effectively tame unruly strands and prevent frizz.”

Cropped Cut

“If you like shorter hair, this cropped cut is great for those experiencing grays and thinning strands since you have a lot of opportunity to play with texture, especially when hair is more on the unruly side,” Polko tells TZR. To style this look, the expert suggests matting strands down with the CBD Texturizing Pomade, and then running your fingers through it for the tousled texture you desire. “This is also a great cut if you have thinner hair,” since adding more bangs in the front can disguise a thinning hairline.

A-Line Bob

To accentuate your facial features opt for a timeless A-line bob. The style is very low-maintenance, requiring only a lightweight styling foam. For that, Stacey-Ann Houston, Ulta Beauty design team member and master hair stylist, recommends Better Not Younger Lift Me Up Hair Thickener. “This lightweight spray thickens strands from root to tip, adding instant fullness, body and lift, and reduces breakage,” the pro shares. If you want to add volume to the crown area, direct the hair forward when blow drying and move brush (or your fingers if you have curls) from root to end. Once the hair cools, flip your head back for added shape and volume.

Long Layers

“This style is a prime example of how you can let hair grow out naturally while embracing graying strands,” Polko tells TZR. “With this length, you can still cut off any colored hair and embrace an entirely gray look.” Chris Lospalluto, celebrity hairstylist advocates for trips to the salon every 10 - 12 weeks for this more lived-in, longer style. And for a weekly scalp exfoliation, the expert loves Jupiter’s Purifying Mask, formulated with biotin and volcanic ash.