All Your Favorite Celebrities Have Rocked This Iconic Hairstyle At Least Once

Faith, trust, and a little pixie cut.

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You don’t need a brand new calendar year as an excuse for a little bit of an aesthetic makeover. Wardrobe overhauls, striking lipstick shades, and fresh sets of highlights are fantastic and everything, but few beauty choices rival the pixie cut in terms of instant reinvention. Immediately, the face takes center stage and even the most straightforward outfits get a serious edge and additional elegance. If you're considering a serious cut for the first time or just looking to spice up your already-short hair, there are plenty of celebrity pixie cuts — it’s a Hollywood favorite for a reason — ready to provide endless inspiration.

The best celebrity pixie cut looks aren’t just super short hair, either. They’re reflective of the celebrity’s event, career era, and personal style, too. Halle Berry’s tousled pixie faux-hawk and Miley Cyrus’s Mia Farrow-ish, razored layers may be the same length, for example, but spell out two totally different (though equally enviable) vibes. Not to mention Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ era pixie was totally different than her softer 2012 chop.

To help you find your own style of pixie, see below for some of the best celebrity pixie cuts in recent memory — all it takes is a few snips, and you’ve got pure magic.

Halle Berry

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When you think “celebrity pixie cuts”, you think Halle Berry — period. And though it’s short, Berry’s proved there are seemingly infinite ways to wear a pixie cut, too. One of her best go-to pixie looks involves some glamorous touseling with rocker-approved hair pastes that allow her warm highlights to catch some rays.

Lily Collins

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Lily Collins is one of the greatest hair chameleons of our time — and she switches between pixies and ultra-long hair so often, she’s like that Barbie with the retractable ponytail. While many times she’s wearing a wig, this very real deep side part and wispy, ear-hugging layers add so much vintage playfulness to her otherwise-sultry Oscars look.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence shocked the world when she chopped off her long blonde waves at the height of her stardom, only to reveal the sweetest lash-skimming pixie. She’s since grown her hair back out again, but the sharp tips and face-framing shape has fans longing for another J.Law pixie moment.


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Is there anything Rihanna can’t do? Is there any outfit she can’t wear? Is there any haircut that isn’t wildly flattering on her? From someone who’s done the research, that’s a big no. Rihanna’s pixie cut is even shorter than most celebrities, opting for the most classic version of the beloved style. Showing off her refined features and elegant neck (not to mention adding visibility to her delicate neck tattoo), Rihanna’s pixie inspired thousands to experiment with the scissors.

Bella Hadid

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When Bella Hadid showed up at the Met Gala in a ‘20s-inspired pixie cut, it immediately ignited the internet — was her ultra-short, side-swept hair real? Was it a wig? Turns out Hadid didn’t actually cut her hair off, but based on how elegant she looks (and how much love this hair got), maybe it’s worth considering.

Miley Cyrus

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Every millennial remembers where they were when Miley Cyrus cut off her famous tiny bun to reveal the bleached blonde rocker look that would define her next decade. While she typically wore her choppy pixie in experimental, edgier styles, this softer look from a Grammys party is equally stunning.

Zoë Kravitz

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With her raven pixie, almost caesar cut-like bangs, brick-red lipstick, and Bardot neckline, Zoë Kravitz looks like the proverbial French ingenue. She’s had a pixie several times before, but that’s understandable — she looks good in it everytime.


Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Zendaya is another young star utterly unafraid to experiment with her look — that’s a large part of why she is such a beloved style icon at just 25 years old. Here, she works a rounded pixie that would be equally at home at the 1985 Grammys as it did at the 2015 ceremony. Her hair’s glossy sheen and sharp tips are practically an arrow pointing down at her flawless, mocha-toned eye and lip makeup.