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This $26 Moisturizing Cream Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To My Fine Hair

Zero frizz involved.

Catherine Santino
fine hair

Despite a life-long affinity for beauty, I could never quite figure out how to manage my fine, finicky hair. For a long time, I figured that the best option was to just do the bare minimum; once, a hairstylist even told me that I should never use any styling products because they would make my hair look thinner. I kept my strands at varying bob lengths for years, but leading up to my wedding in November 2021, I decided to grow it out — forcing me to find a new routine with the best hair products for my fine hair.

While I don’t struggle with dandruff per se, I have very dry skin and my scalp definitely feels the effects of that, especially in the winter. When I wash, I want to make sure my roots get nice and clean, but I also don’t want to completely dry out my scalp. Out of the shower, it’s difficult to find products that give me volume and shine without weighing my hair down or making it look greasy faster than it already does on its own.

Through a lot of trial and error, it’s safe to say that I’ve finally found the ideal routine for taking care of my super fine hair in its newly long state. There are certainly still times when I look like I haven’t seen a hairbrush in years, but I’ve curated a solid arsenal of products that can easily get me into tip-top shape — keep reading to get the full scoop.

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The Scalp Duo
When the sleek and luxurious body care brand Nécessaire launched its first shampoo and conditioner, I knew I had to try it. Because the formulas are scalp-focused, I had high hopes that they would be great for my dry, flaky skin — and they did not disappoint. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean without further drying out my scalp, while the conditioner is hydrating yet super lightweight.