9 Incredibly Cool Ways To Wear 2023’s Trendiest Short Haircut

Get to know the Bixie.

by Calin Van Paris and Jessica Fields
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bixie haircut trend

The 1990s called and they’re here to share one of the decade’s most iconic haircuts, reinterpreted for modern times: the bixie. If you’ve found yourself feeling the urge for a dramatic haircut, the sort that lobs and bangs can’t quite quell, you’ve likely already looked into the hybrid style, which has been garnering devotees for the past year or so.

An artful blend of bob and pixie cuts, the bixie combines polish and playfulness into one double-take-worthy coif that plays well with all hair types. The style also skews coquettish, somehow, though that could just be the myriad Meg Ryan moments marked in our collective memory (let’s face it, her blonde, generously highlighted bixie is the true star of You’ve Got Mail). Considering that this seems to be the year of the irreverent close-crop — wolf cuts and sun bobs abound — 2023 provides the perfect opportunity to lop off lengths in favor of a style defined by texture, dimension, and personality rather than interminable length. Plus, it’s a great way to usher in a timeless look regardless of the season.

Here, nine ways to wear this incredibly cool cut, along with expert tips to achieve the most stylized look. (Hint: A round brush is something of an essential.)

Shaggy Bixie

Feeling hesitant to try this short cut because of super thick hair? The shaggy bixie may be your solution. “The shaggy bixie is versatile when it comes to hair type and texture,” says celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein. “The extra layers can remove weight if your hair is on the thicker side and add dimension and volume if hair is on the thinner side. The trick is having a hair stylist that understands how to layer properly for your hair type.” Stylist Lauren Bailey of Feverfew in Los Angeles agrees, and recommends an air dry followed by a lightweight product like Hairstory’s Hair Balm, a light texture spray. “This cut is forgiving when it comes to styling and designed not to take too much effort,” says Rubenstein. “Don’t be too precise with it. Wear messy.”

Jaw-Length Bixie

To achieve the perfect jaw-length cut (particularly for those with thicker hair), Bailey suggests taking layers short. “This will help collapse volume and avoid the triangle shape, which is essentially just a bob,” she says. “Those with thick, medium, or fine hair can wear this look,” says Houston. "For styling purpose, blow out with a round brush and add in some loose waves with a curling iron.” To keeps lengths in place, Bailey relies on Reverie RAKE Styling Balm.

Gamine Cropped Bixie

The grown out pixie (or baby bixie) is a super short variation that is ideal for fine to medium density hair. While you can wear this look with thick hair as well, Bailey notes that finding the correct stylist to execute the cut is key, as they’ll need to carve out enough weight to keep the cut balanced (which will also help with wear if you end up opting for a grow-out). “Super short styles on thick and coarse hair require a lot of maintenance,” offers Rubenstein. Should you go super-short, a light, flexible volumizing spray (like Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray) provides a bit of control. “Blow dry with hands or a smaller round brush if you need to smooth any curl, and finish with a flexible pomade,” says Rubenstein. “R+Co Continental Glossing Wax is one of my all-time favorites.”

Bixie-Mixie Hybrid

“This is definitely my favorite look for the bixie trend, and the more versatile for all hair types,” says Bailey of this mullet meets bixie look. “I love a full face-framing bang, moon or curtain shaped, brow-length, or baby bangs, with lots of soft bits around the face to add softness.” (If you’re in want of a more intense look, Rubenstein adds that a heavy fringe offers intensity while pulling focus to the eyes and cheekbones.) Bailey suggests styling with a lightweight texture spray like Mare Mediterranean Sea Mist by Reverie. Stylist Stacey-Ann Houston uses a small round brush for blowdrying, polishing (but not flattening!) bangs with a quick pass of a flat iron. “Make sure you have a good medium-sized round brush for the bangs,” says Rubenstein. “You’ll want them smooth but not too straight."

Feathered Bixie

Given the weight that comes with added length, this feathery option tends to work well with all hair types — the trick here is adding texture back in so the look retains its identity as a bixie and not just a bob. In addition to making sure the cut comes with layers at the crown to break up movement, Bailey styles dry hair by adding waves and levels with a curling or flat iron. “Finish with Hairstory Powder: pump into palm of the hand then push into the hair, keeping your hand flat folding the hair into the scalp,” she says. “This maneuver gives so much volume and definition."

Curly Bixie

“I love this style, especially when it’s tight around the edges,” says Rubenstein. “The beauty of this style is that it should require minimal styling, just a [great] cut and the right product.” Bailey notes that the option works for all curls types, with additional layers creating extra volume (almost trending towards mullet territory). “I’d pile it high on top and preserve the perimeter of the hair, keeping it a little longer to add interest and cute wispy curly tendrils all over,” says Bailey, adding that for their highest potential, moisture is a must. Houston recommends a wash-and-go mentality supplemented by your favorite leave-in curl conditioner and gel.

Curly Bixie With Bangs

Versatility is one of the elements that makes the bixie cut so beloved. From straight and shaggy to natural curls, it offers a range of styles for all textures. For this Betty Boop-inspired bixie, the curls form the bob shape of the style with face-framing bangs. Curl patterns differ greatly, but shorter style can benefit from defining creams, such as Moroccanoil's Curl Defining Cream, to distinguish and enhance each curl.

French Bixie

The French bixie takes every element stylists and clients love about the Parisian bob, but with added ease, thanks to it’s shorter length. It features razor-cut layers that frame the face and add volume to the overall style. Much like the French girl fashion asthetic, this bixie is meant to appear effortlessly styled. Which means sleek, shiny, and no frizz — a frequent concern when it comes to razor-cut styles. To keep hair light and naturally tousled, opt for a styling products that hydrate with out weighing the hair down such as Verb’s Ghost Weightless Hair Oil or Living Proof’s No Frizz Vanishing Oil.

Curtain Bang Bixie

While bangs are an important element to the bixie, curtain bangs are not as common on this shorter length style. But with more hair swept to the front of the crown, a curtain bang looks just as dreamy as it does on longer styles. Overall, this type of bixie is defined by its textural pieces that add volume without weighing the look down. The Embody Volumizing Hair Foam from JVN is a great way to add volume from the roots before styling, and a good pomade will ensure the style doesn't fall flat throughout the day.

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