I Can’t Stop Instagram Stalking This Nail Artist For Minimalist Mani Inspiration

Happy scrolling.

by Natasha Marsh
best nail artists on instagram

In 2022, the sky's the limit when it comes to your dream manicures. Fragile, brittle nails can opt for press-on variations in all shapes, colors, and patterns. Those seeking long-lasting manicures might find themselves leaning more towards gel treatments, while acrylic extensions can provide a fun dose of glamor for longer nail lengths (the coffin nail trend isn’t going anywhere). All this to say, achieving your dream manicure is totally doable this year, which is why you can spend hours scrolling through Instagram to find the best nail artists of 2022.

Lucky for you, team TZR curated a list of our 10 favorite artists that we look to daily for mani inspiration. There are some nail artists that have been garnering clout and a fan base for years, while others, who are up-and-coming talent, should absolutely be on your radar. Their accounts are filled with healthy nail care tips, intricate nail designs, negative space trends, all things French manicure, and muted minimalist tones for every kind of mood. No matter your preference in pattern or nail shape, there is a nail artist on the list below that is sure to resonate with your style and inspire your next go-to manicure for the upcoming summer.

Melanie (@overglowedit)

“I've long been a fan of @overglowedit sunny nail files; she always serves as inspiration for any and all things French manicures — not to mention she single handedly convinced me to start getting solid colored manicures again from making them look so chic on her own nails. I also love how she incorporates nail care into her content, it's always so refreshing.” -Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor

Vivian Xue Rahey (@vivxue)

“The CEO of Pamper Nail Gallery is so unbelievably skilled at her spot-on nail art, it hardly seems possible that a human being painted the set of press-ons. She can transfer anything from an entire movie still from Harry Potter or a historically-accurate Ming vase onto ten nails with just a thin brush and 10-20 hours of work, I'll happily watch her time-lapse videos any day of the week — they're truly a work of art.” -Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor

Paulina (@nailsbypaulin)

“Blame it on the long months of sheltering-in-place but I’ve been really obsessed with color this year. Pinks, oranges, reds, a purples, you name it and I want it. But not just one, I want all. And that’s why I love Paulina. Her feed is filled with both intricate nail designs that focus on one color or design, and then others that feature multiple designs and trends.” -Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer

Mei (@nailsbymei)

“Mei is, in one word, iconic. There's a reason she's the go-to nail artist for everyone from Rihanna to Rosalia. Her nail designs are creative works of art and no material is off-limits -- gems, chains, jewels, even mini gummy bear figurines. She puts the artist in nail artist, and I'm always blown away by her creations.” -Faith Xue, executive beauty director

Queenie Nguyen (@nailartbyqueenie)

“I love nail art that my own nail tech can easily recreate on me! Queenie Nguyen's creations are whimsical and zany, while still very wearable. Candy-colored French tips, floral motifs, geometric negative space — all fabulous, all totally doable.” -Angela Melero, executive editor

Natalie Minerva (@natalieminervanails)

“Much like everyone else I was completely enthralled in the Euphoria-verse for the show's second season and besides the drama the beauty looks particularly captivated me this season — the manicures went overlooked by some but not by me. The show's lead nail artist Natalie Minerva's vibrant and intricate nail art looks for the show deserve an award all their own. Minerva also works with stars including Halsey, Demi Lovato, and Jodie Smith — definitely one to keep on your radar if you love elaborate yet classic manicures.” — AB

Harriet Westmoreland (@harriestwestmoreland)

“While I love an intricate nail design, I'm also partial to a super minimalist mani moment. Nail artist Harriet Westmoreland manages to make a huge impact with her delicate designs, from a neon micro-French tip to teeny tiny hearts and dots. It's exactly what I want on my nails these days.” — HB

Nia Ho (@_nails_by_soul)

“There’s something to be said about the amazing Y2K throwback era we are in, as it pertains to beauty. Personally, I can’t get enough of the classic French manicure that’s made it’s way back. Although I love micro French and different colored tips, traditional white or black tips forever hold a candle on my nails. Nia Ho has an entire host of French manicure inspo for those looking for classic styles and subtle pops — she will become your next go-to source.” -Marsh

Gracie J (@theeditorialnail)

“Gracie J's account is eye candy from start to finish. She's the queen of sleek, stunning nail designs, utilizing bright colors, holographic accents, and unexpected shapes. She also makes limited-release press-ons of some of her most popular nail designs, so you can don your own Gracie J design with zero effort.” -FX

Stephanie Stone (@stephstonenails)

“I literally have a whole photo album on my phone of Stephanie Stone's work. I love how she plays around with trendy patterns like cow print and vintage florals and applies them to a modern manicure. She's a true visionary!” -AM