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The Best February Manicures Go Far Beyond Just Valentine’s Day

Something for everyone.

February nail ideas

There’s a lot to love about February. Despite being the shortest month of the year, it provides endless possible beauty moments. Of course, there’s that romantic holiday mid-way through. But February is fun from the start, and inspiration for exciting manicures are everywhere. It's hard not to get tons of ideas between all those star-studded award shows, Valentine's Day, and fashion month. Even better, though? The best February nail ideas aren’t single-minded. Instead of focusing on just hearts and other love-centric elements, they offer an eclectic mix of designs that can take you straight into spring.

You can easily embrace a wintery hue or lean into a brightly-colored polish that feels spring-ready. February is also a fun time to play with nail art and cool finishes. After all, a festive manicure complete with a little sparkle is never a bad idea. But it doesn't have to be all about tiny hearts and glitter. You can even play around with high-shine and matte moments for an edgy feel. However, there is one catch — with just 29 days to the month (it’s a Leap Year), you’ll need to hop on these looks sooner rather than later.

Ahead, the very best February nail ideas to fill your mood board. Scroll through them below and find your next favorite.

Cool Blue French Tips

Sporting a bold color is one of the easiest ways to update your French manicure. This look uses an ocean-colored hue to give the classic design a new feel. Instead of swapping out the white tips for a full set of blue, it blends the two shades. The result is a fresh take that’s aptly seasonal and unique.

Sealed With A Kiss

Though hearts may be the most notable Valentine’s nail design, this look is a close second. If you’re on the hunt for a festive manicure, why not consider this fun set? It features classic French tips, hand-painted designs, and the holiday’s top shades. To keep it balanced, be sure to offset the bold colors with a nude base and use a natural nail shape.

Spring Florals

Despite winter being in full swing, February brings hope for the spring season to come. On days when the weather is particularly gloomy, you can use this floral manicure to brighten your mood. The nude base and bouquet of pink and yellow flowers are like an instant pick-me-up. Just try not to smile when looking down at them.

Chocolate Drizzle

February is the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious chocolates. This year, treat yourself to a luxe manicure inspired by everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day treat. Against a nude backdrop, layers of creamy brown polish create a fun look. Even the long almondnetto-shaped nails add to the sensual feel.

Dark Burgundy

Bright reds and bubblegum pinks may not exactly be your thing — and that’s OK. Moody polishes like burgundy are a great alternative to the month’s most celebrated colors. This look uses the shade to create a unique manicure. While the design is eye-catching, the cherry on top is the glossy finish that gives the nails a candy-coated shine.

Sky Blue

The recent uptick in blue nail looks comes with little surprise. Not only was the color deemed on-trend by creators and celebrities, but it also fits right in with winter’s top manicure shades. Still, sporting a solid manicure can be daring — this sky-blue polish makes it easy, though. The gray undertones give it an icy, wintery feel.

Reverse French Manicure

If natural nail designs are your thing, you’ll enjoy this cool look. Unlike traditional French tips, it uses a thin strip of silver for a subtly shimmery effect. To get this manicure just right, opt for a shorter length and natural square shape. Then, use a pinky-nude gel polish as your base.

Black Widow

Patent black nails hit differently during February. They’re the antithesis of month’s poppy pinks, yet still have a sensual feel fitting for the holiday of love. If you’re searching for a new look, this is the manicure for you. The shiny onyx shade and negative space design are a breath of fresh air this time of year.

Bold & Bright

There’s nothing like a bright manicure in the dead of winter. Whether springy pastels or bold neons, it’s the best way to liven up your spirit. Even better? You don’t have to settle on just one shade. Use your nails as a canvas and paint them with a rainbow of colors for an eclectic look.

Matte Design

While glossy topcoats are excellent, a matte finish can completely transform your manicure. For example, take this simple swirled design. The crisp white polish has a velvety appearance that intensifies the contrast of the nude base. To get the best effect, opt for a longer nail length and sharp shape.