8 Makeup Trends The Pros Are Already Obsessed With For Fall

More! Glamour!

by Natasha Marsh
Sandy Lin

Although you might still be basking in the throes of hot girl summer, thrilling fall beauty trends are on the horizon. Once again, it’s time to take out your deeper, richer lip colors and invest in a thicker moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and give you that season-less glow. “Fall glam is all about warm and toasty tones, deep wines, and hunter green hues,” Jazzmin Jordan, celebrity makeup artist says of the upcoming makeup trends.

And after spending a year largely not wearing makeup and now easing back into it this summer, Anncy Rowe, senior vice president of marketing at Lancôme, predicts breathable and lightweight products will be popular, especially when it comes to foundation. “While we still want to conceal and correct, the idea of buildable coverage shouldn’t take away from your natural beauty,” she says.

The fall 2021 makeup trends are a return to glamour with glossy lips, breathable skin, and a big emphasis on mascara and brow care. Some of the trends, like bold lashes and trendy soap brows are typical for fall (it is the fashion worlds “back to school” season, after all), while others, like ultra bold lips and electric-colored eyeshadow, are a new fun fall update to try. Everything in makeup is going to be bigger, brighter, and much more joyful. Regardless of whether you’re looking to update your makeup routine or fine tune a celebrity-approved look, there is a trend waiting for you. Ahead, discover the eight fall beauty trends set to make outside life a hit again.

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Lined Eyes

According to brand founder and Kristen Stewart’s go-to makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, fall 2021 will shine with heavily lined eyes. Because a lot of hair trends are leaning into longer bangs and ‘70s shag-like hair, both short and long versions, lined eyes will have a moment as the hair frames the face and emphasizes that area. “[You’ll see] black, deep burgundy, sable brown, and deep blue on upper and lower eyes, including the lower inner waterline for some looks,” she shares. Don’t be afraid to get creative with colors and allow your eyes to really pop.

Reverse Cat Eye

A cat eye is one of the most classic makeup choices of all time, but this reversed version is definitely an eye-catching, an unexpected, change. “A fun approach to the traditional eye liner, the reverse cat eye focuses on eyeliner applied under the lower lash line,” says Jacen Bowman, celebrity makeup artist and Booksy beauty ambassador, “Rather than swiping your liquid liner on your top eyelids as you normally would, this look quite literally flips the trend on its head.”

Breathable Skin

Repopulated social calendars will have many people looking for products with all-over coverage that will both conceal and contour, while still allowing the skin to breathe well into the evening. Rowe recommends oil-free and lightweight foundations to transition from fall to summer, as they are easy to blend and will provide the skin with adequate hydration — no dryness or flaking here.

Glossed Up Lips

With mask mandates starting to lift, the playfulness of showing off your pout has returned. Whether it is satin or super glossy, lipgloss is the one of the top items this fall. “It can be worn alone, as a base, or as a topper to show off your lips while locking in hydration and moisture,” says Cheryl Yannotti Foland, founder and CEO of Lilah B. Dempsey recommends pairing glossy lips with semi-matte skin and a soft smoky eye for a stunning evening look.

Lashes For Days

Experimenting with eye makeup was a big trend in the pandemic since it was often the only part of your face that others could see with a mask. This fall, lashes will continue to take center stage and will be even more voluminous and fluttery, with plenty of upper and lower lid mascara to define your eyes. Bowman encourages stacking a pair of your favorite faux lashes to give the eye a more loaded look.

Soap Brows

Soap brows aren’t going anywhere. “[Soap brows] are the perfect trend for getting that strong, brushed-up brow effect, and it plays nicely with any makeup look,” Bowman tells TZR. If you haven’t played around with the social-media favorite look, consider fall to be the ideal time to experiment and learn about this especially bold brow technique.

Bold Lip Pop

Inspired by the allure of the red carpet this award season, Rowe is excited about bold lips making a comeback. “We welcome the return to glamour,” she says, “While eyes were a big focus with mask restrictions, we are excited to return to lip products and bold color.” A deep burgundy or dusty brick red captures the warmth of fall and draws much deserved attention to your pout.

Electric Shadows

As seen on the Versace fall/winter 2021 runway show, hot fuchsia lids and shades of electric blue challenged traditional soft browns and burnt oranges of previous fall seasons. Bowman is encouraging his clients to use neon colors not just during the summer but for fall 2021 as well. Consider it a celebration that life is slowly but surely returning to normal, and nights out dancing with friends aren’t so impossible to enjoy.