The 2021 Haircut Trends To Try — Since We All Need Something To Look Forward To

New year, new hair

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A haircut usually represents the start of something new. It's often the residuals of a breakup, the mark of a new era in your profession, a change of location, the list goes on. For 2021, a haircut — if even given access to one — is all about the same. And while they may not be as drastic as before, marked by intense shags or the most petite of pixies, the best 2021 haircut trends are still providing a fresh start.

However, the facts remain, experts are still advising against the at-home, new year chop. "The best thing to do, if you can, is not to do it at all," Clariss Rubenstein, go-to hairstylist for Gemma Chan and Sofia Vergara tells TZR. "Since reopening began I've had to do so many correction cuts. It's very hard to get to the back of your head, and often results in an uneven job." However, she says if a trim must happen, don't go overboard. "Go as light-handed as humanly possible," Rubenstein says. "And if you can avoid it, don't touch the back, somebody can help you with that. Instead, trim around your face a bit but don't try to create a new shape. I've seen these traumatizing videos of people that try to layer their own hair in their basement end up with this aggressive shag-like look."

That said, if you can make it into a salon, David Lopez, Ashley Graham's go-to hairstylist, says that your cut should last you at least six months. "It can honestly be up to a year before you really feel like you need another good shaping," he says. And while there's no way to keep your hair looking brand new during that entire time, there are products that can help maintain overall style. "I think that if you are going for a shorter length, perhaps you might find that you're looking for things that will give you more texture," he says. Lopez suggests a volumizing spray like Kenra's Volume Spray 25 for some added lift and grit to make your cut appear more fresh.

So as you see, the haircut trends we'll be seeing next won't require the monthly maintenance we're used to, but are chic and captivating all the same.

2021 Haircut Trends: Heavy Perimeters

"We're going to see a lot more soft, face streaming layers with some really heavy perimeters," Lopez says. "People just want their hair to be as healthy as possible at this point, so we probably won't see major, drastic, changes."

2021 Haircut Trends: Natural Bangs

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"Bangs will take on new form," Rubenstein says. "They'll still exist, but this time, we'll see cuts in our natural textures rather than straightened. Curly bangs will be a trend everywhere."

2021 Haircut Trends: Evened Layers

"If you've got longer hair, definitely try a one length cut or something with light, long layering," Rubenstein says. "Ask for something that is low-maintenance and doesn't need to be cut up all the time. Stay away from styles that require a lot of texturizing and can grow out naturally, a look that won't look like a completely different style as time goes by."

2021 Haircut Trends: Blunt Chin Sweeps

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If you've been feening to chop it all off, Rubenstein maintains that you should do so in a more leveled manner. "I love the winter and fall because this is usually when people are looking for a more uniform look," she says. Lopez agrees. "Go for blunt," he says. "It requires far less maintenance."

2021 Haircut Trends: Grown-Out Side Fringe

"Go for a more natural bang," Rubenstein says. "Making it a little longer can help you to enjoy the growing out process. It looks pretty as it grows, and is intentional. Try lengths that work with, not against, the natural texture and growth pattern of your hair. You'll have a cut that will last a long while."