Try The Gingham Decor Trend With These $4 Zara Home Chargers

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Major fashion trends quite often make their way into other forms of design, home decor included. For example, the neon green you just saw on the runways will likely influence some of your favorite retailers to create throw pillows, bedding, and even furniture pieces in the same shade. And the same goes for prints. For example, one of this summer's hottest patterns is probably something you primarily think of for dresses and tops, but it's also popping up on all kinds of housewares — and it's the perfect way to bring the season into your space. And some of these gingham home decor pieces are so chic, you'll happily keep them around come fall.

Though of late you've probably associated gingham as a go-to print for It Girl-favorite dresses (like the one Jennifer Garner wore recently), it actually has roots in home decor when you think about it. In fact, part of the reason it became one of 2019's biggest trends for fashion was because of its familiarity as a classic picnic print. That said, it makes sense that tablecloths, napkins, and even serveware in the pattern are a no-brainer for bringing the summer feel to your next dinner party or BBQ you're hosting on your newly revamped patio.

However, items to dress up your table aren't the only ways to try out gingham in your home to impart a light and bright feel — no matter the season. Your bedroom might be in need of a little sprucing up, and it's not hard to find the prints in sheet sets, shams, and duvet covers. If you want to keep your bedding from looking too picnic-y, skip the classic red-and-white style in favor of something neutral, like black, grey, or tan. That way it won't feel too seasonal, and it can mix easily with other kinds of prints and colors you might be using for additional accessories in the space.

In the living room, popping some gingham throw pillows onto seating is a totally simple way to try the trend — and it's an instant way to bring in a fresh feel without making any major changes. Luckily, it's easy to find a ton of versions at any number of retailers so no matter what size, shape, or color you're seeking, it's likely readily available. You can also play with the patterned wallpaper trend (non-committal types will especially love the removable peel-and-stick variety) and accent a wall with a either a bold or subtle gingham print.

No matter which decor route you decide to take to give gingham a try this season, the good news is that you don't have to overspend to do so. In fact, there's a ton of stylish home goods out there under the $50 mark. Sound tempting? Start your search here, with the ahead selection of 10 pieces — from a $4 charger that will totally amp up you next table setting to a $38 sheet set that will go seamlessly with your current bedroom decor — you can shop right now, even if you're on a strict budget.

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