The Only 5 Trends I'll Care About In 2019

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

This week I turn 28. I wish I could tell you that I'm feeling wiser, more confident, less self critical — but so far I'd venture to say that things are pretty much the same. Still, with both my own spin around the sun and the calendar year both coming to a close, I'm doing both a bit of reflecting and a bit of planning. In the past few months I've felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing I own (my dresser drawers no longer close), yet I'm so often underwhelmed when I look in my closet. Next year, I want to approach trends in a more thoughtful way, focusing on quality and the best way to mix key trends in with what I already own. My 2019 fashion trend forecast is less about hitting every single style that blows up on social media or saunters down some runway, and more about weighing the best way to invest in trend-based items that I'll want to hold onto for more than a single season.

All of that though has to start with a little self-work, figuring out exactly how I can approach what's next in fashion in an authentic way. One does not simply walk into Barneys and know exactly where and what that perfect boot or barrette will be. When every week it feels like I'm pivoting my sartorial desires — neon! minimalism! sparkles! — my 2019 project is to take a step back from what everyone on Instagram is wearing and ask myself if it fits with my personal aesthetic, or if I simply appreciate the way a trend looks on someone else. Look, we all set resolutions that fall short — I never hit that one yoga class a week benchmark I set for myself this year — I'm pretty sure that I'll be pleasantly satisfied by both the money I save and the not-quite-Marie Kondo level organization I'm able to achieve.

Below, I'm curating five key trends that I'm planning on incorporating into my wardrobe in a thoughtful way.



One style that I'm feeling particularly excited to continue incorporating into my personal wardrobe is tie-dye. Last fall it appeared everywhere from R13 to Prabal Gurung, and while a simple swirled tee like mine from Veda above is a surefire way to show off the trend, I'm also predicting that subtler takes will continue to surge. Proenza Schouler's tie-dye dress has already made a splash on Instagram, but it's a piece that has major staying power. Even for the subtle dresser, there are more subdued takes that make it easy to buy into the trend.

Utility Chic


Winter-ready lug sole boots, utility belts, cargo pants, and even pocket-laden military coats are all pieces on the fashion industry's radar from the year ahead. When I attended the Fendi show in Milan, I was particularly captured by the dichotomy of mixing and matching practical and polished pieces. A sleek pump with practical pants or a silky slip dress with boots are combinations I could easily imagine giving a spin.

Arts And Crafts


The DIY aesthetic has returned to fashion and no matter how crafty you consider yourself (I did knit a scarf once, so there's that) there's a way to incorporate a little bit of art-class chic into your 2019 aesthetic. I'm particularly keen on the myriad of ways to use crochet for layering. But, there's also something to be said for the genius of a simple accessory — take my SVNR earrings above or a beaded bag — to make even jeans and a tee feel fashion forward.

New Suiting


If you told me two years ago that I would be fiending for a two-piece suit I probably would have made some weird scoffs. I've never pretended to be much of a power dresser, but with the advent of more modern takes on suiting — bright colors, bold shoulders, and even shorts and skirts — I've been thinking more about the fact that a suit is more me than I previously realized. That's because a two-piece suit allows for so much reinterpretation. As you can see above, I managed to style a skirt suit with sneakers and a sports bra (not advisable for most offices, I wholly realize) but alternately the pieces are mix-and-matchable which makes them an ideal investment. If I can rack up five or six ways I'd wear something in my head, it's usually a worthy purchase.

Fancy Feet


Take a look in my closet, and you'll have a hard time spotting the floor. Instead, a calf-high pile of sneakers and boots covers all that pretty polished maple. But, while I tend to favor comfortable footwear (my current commute is a 30 minute walk to work, people!), for the year ahead, I'm embracing the dainty, embellished heel, at least on days when I plan on keeping steps to a minimum. As a birthday present to myself, I picked up the Area heels above which I can see my more ladylike friends pulling off just as successfully as I hope to.