7 Shoes For New York Winter That Every Smart Trendsetter Owns


There's no way around it: winter has arrived in Manhattan. Frigid temperatures mean that slippery ice patches lurk at every corner and wind whips your hair around with reckless abandon. Though a snow day does sound mildly appealing, the muddy puddles that follow....well, not so much — especially for those New Yorkers who commute on foot. This time of year, picking the right footwear is the difference between a manageable day and one you spend slipping around; Take it from the street-savvy Manhattan residents who rack up more steps than anyone else this time of year. So, let's focus on the closet staple that quite literally gets them where they need to go all season long: the best shoes for a New York winter.

There's a time and place for the occasional pair of strappy sandals or bejeweled flats (admittedly, mostly indoors this time of year), but the everyday essentials you should rely on are something a bit more substantial. Though they vary in silhouette, these seven shoes share a few key elements. Firstly, they're durable enough to withstand inclement weather (take that, polar vortex). Next, they're comfortable, so running up subway stairs or sprinting the few blocks home will be a breeze. Finally, they're still stylish — a requirement not just reserved for NYC. Scroll down to shop your way to a successful winter look and stay warm out there.

Chelsea Boots


A sleek Chelsea boot is a timeless investment because it's the ideal balance between laidback and luxury. The downtown-inspired silhouette pairs with everything from a dress and tights to a pair of crop-flare jeans and because they're typically crafted from materials like leather and neoprene the durability factor is a huge win for facing winter in style.

Chunky Sneakers


Good old fashioned arch support is always a wise idea, which is why a pair of chunky sneakers (or trainers!) should be in your weekly rotation. New Yorkers easily style them with sweats for the weekend, or with trousers and a sweater for the week.

Snow Boots

Wayne Tippetts/Shutterstock

Sure, it may sound obvious to suggest snow boots, but these days there are many stylish options to consider that go beyond simply keeping your feet dry. Not only do you avoid the inevitable post-snow sidewalk slip (terrifying AND embarrassing) but once you have a cute pair of snow boots in tow you can wear them year after year. In other words, a worthy investment you don't have to make all that often.

Furry Clogs


Though slightly unexpected, clogs are the unsung hero of cute winter style (and they're having a moment too). The slight height gives your outfit extra polish and the grip on the sole helps ward off slips and trips, so slide them on a stride away.

Utilitarian Boots


Lace-up boots are the must-try of the season, so grab a pair that will shield you from the cold while helping you stay ahead of the trends. Whether opting for a hiker shape or going grunge with a cool combats iteration, this is a smart choice for 2019.

Block Heels


Because it would be too disheartening to endure the entirety of winter sans a fun pair of heels, slip into a low block iteration this season. While you'll likely wear them mostly indoors, when the time comes to step outside, you won't have to avoid the New York City sidewalk grates like you would if you were wearing stilettos (the horror!).

Rain Boots


There's nothing more satisfying than arriving at your destination after a treacherous trek through the rain, slipping out of your rainboots, and confirming your feet are in fact bone dry. These are the boots that you'll never regret buying because rain and winter go hand in hand (as do rainboots and happiness, fun fact).