Kim Kardashian’s Super-Short ‘Mushroom Bob’ Makes Her Look Just Like Kourtney

First the dolce vita lifestyle, now this?!

Kim Kardashian bedsheet and long hair 2022

It’s true: sisters share a special bond and even a mild form of telepathy that no decades of stardom or billions of dollars could ever break. Not even accusations of wedding theme theft can split the Kardashians up, so it’s unlikely this new development will either — though, personally, there should be at least one Hulu series episode about it. Kim Kardashian’s super-short bob haircut, just debuted on Instagram in a chic mirror selfie, is more than just a breezy, bold adjustment to her look. The “mushroom bob” shape, length, and lack of layering happens to make her look exactly like her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian. The women are 18 months apart in age, but side-by-side with these cropped cuts, they’d seem more like twins.

It’s important to establish right off the bat that this is no Chris Appleton-installed wig, either. Confirmed by Kardashian via Instagram Stories to be an actual cut, the sleek, curved bob curls just under her jawline for a razor-sharp, bone structure-accenting effect. Notably, Kourtney’s own bob, first chopped back in August 2021, is just a skosh longer than her little sister’s, falling about an inch or two past Kim’s cut. Regardless of the itty-bitty difference, the effect is identical.


Though she uploaded a few filtered closeups of the cut to her Stories to give fans a better look at the bold bob, Kim didn’t go into detail about what inspired the big change or how it happened. The zoomed-in videos, though, will give you that “Wait...should I cut my hair this weekend?!” feeling — the lightweight, silky look is enough to make make everyone with long hair question their entire life, especially in this heat.

Kardashian with her usual long waves, posted four days before the haircut reveal.@kimkardashian

Fellow followers of the family know that the timing of the cut is more interesting than anything. A primary conflict in the current season of their show centers around Kourtney’s 2022 Portofino wedding, and how she feels like Kim effectively xerox’d it with a fashion brand collaboration. For her part, Kim doubled down and flipped the accusation on Kourtney, citing her own Italian wedding to Kanye West back in 2014. Sure, no one reading (or writing) this has a horse in that million-dollar race, but it’s fun to speculate — perhaps some good, old-fashioned sibling rivalry is at play?

Kourtney Kardashian’s own bob, circa 2022.@kourtneykardash

Regardless of the impetus behind either sisters’ cut, one thing’s for sure: they both look incredible — and are surely inspiring more than a few fans to follow their short-and-chic lead.