Zoe Saldaña Is The Newest, Chicest Member Of The Bob Haircut Club

You’ll want to join next.

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Zoe Saldana long hair at Oscars 2023

Reject any and all notions that major physical or spiritual transformations only happen at the new year. Regardless of the month, week, or day, the time is always right for some self-revitalization. In the case of one A-list actor, that perfect opportunity was the star-studded premiere of her new action-adventure streaming series. Zoe Saldaña’s long bob haircut made its debut on the Lioness: Special Ops red carpet to the delight on fans, showing off a 10-inch chop that happened in her hotel room just hours before the big event. And though the haircut took place in London, the inspiration behind it was decidedly French.

Saldaña’s glamorous lob brought her long, cinnamon-toned brunette hair up just past her shoulders, a soft, medium-length that looks fresh, chic, and breezy without feeling like a statement — in other words, it’s an ideal length for transitioning to a shorter cut without being such a jarring shift you’d end up regretting. Saldaña’s lob, though, was in especially great hands. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak delivered the vibe-elevating chop, even showing some behind-the-scenes clips of the actual cutting on her Instagram Story. As Roszak severs Saldaña’s long ponytail on-camera, you can get a better appreciation of just how major the makeover was.

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In a press blast, it was revealed that Saldaña decided on the versatile French lob inspired by the Parisiennes she’d been living among as she filmed a new project in France over the past four months. On the Paramount+ red carpet, Saldaña let her new hair flow free with plenty of shine and a gently curled-under hairstyle that bounced as she moved in her glam-punk bustier gown.

This isn’t the first time Saldaña and Roszak have come up with a chic, creative look just in time for a significant career moment, either. The pair’s work on Saldaña’s string of Avatar 2 press commitment looks were excellent — one micro-bangs updo still stands out to this day.

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Hollywood is full of brilliant stylist-client duos, but Saldaña and Roszak just continue to deliver like no one else.