Jennifer Lopez Could Fill A Coffee Table Book With Endless Manicure Inspo

Forever nailing it.

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Jennifer Lopez red nails

Hollywood’s current crop of celebrity beauty brands and extra-influential stars truly owe everything to Jennifer Lopez. The original star-turned-CEO, she expanded her empire well beyond movies and music decades ago and turned her distinct, glamour-soaked style into a full-fledged lifestyle empire. As such, everything about Lopez’s aesthetics end up trending one way or another. Lopez’s best manicures and nail colors are especially impactful, liable to extend the life of existing crazes and create some new ones, too. Together with her go-to nail artist, A-list celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, she switches between styles and shades with shocking frequency — which means there’s always fresh inspiration lurking on both of their pages.

Perhaps the best part of Lopez’s approach to manicures, though, is her willingness to experiment. You’re just as likely to find the This Is Me...Now singer in a glossy nude shade with no extra adornments as you are some intricate designer-logo nail art complete with glitzy stone work. It’s her entire Bronx Jenny/Hollywood Jennifer dichotomy summed up and distilled down into her manicures and pedicures — some are down-to-earth and simple, some are decadent and deliciously over-the-top. All of them, though, are worth recreating. Ahead, Jennifer Lopez’s very best nails in recent memory.

Jewelry-Matching Manicure


What could be more opulent than coordinating your priceless jewels and luxe manicure? The glistening gold gems placed through her ring finger plays perfectly off the stacks of stones — talk about heiress vibes.

Glossy Black Cherry Nails


The hyper-trendy deep red color is only part of what makes this Lopez manicure so alluring. A massive piece of the puzzle is just how glossy it is, the shine like an accessory all its own. Notably, Lopez opted to paint her natural nails rather than overlaying them with extensions or tips.

Platinum Glitter Tips


The stripes of silver glitter on this mani are so subtle, they almost fade into the sequined background of her dress. It’s a micro French manicure, with itty-bitty tips that blend beautifully with the glossy beige base shade.

Heritage Celebration Nail Art


The detail in Lopez’s Latina-themed nail art cannot be missed. There are her index fingers that straight-up spell out her heritage, but look closely and you’ll notice each finger features something different.

The Perfect Peachy Pink


Before Peach Fuzz was declared Color Of The Year by Pantone, Lopez was already tapped in to the power of an orangey-pink manicure. So creamy and spring-perfect, it’s an ideal color for moments when you want something more than a nude, but still so subtle.

Gold Glitter French Manicure


Lopez spent much of 2021 and 2022 in traditional takes on French tips, but this year saw her gravitate toward more experimental versions of the classic manicure. For husband Ben Affleck’s Air movie premiere, she got gilded with champagne-gold tips and beige nail beds, made all the more glamorous by a squared-off coffin shape.

Summer Blush Nails


Fun fact: It was actually celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe who coined the name of Lopez’s summery, petal-pink nails. An even lighter take on the creamy milk bath nail trend, it’s the sort of manicure you could see her getting for a vineyard vacation or Mediterranean yacht trip.

Bronze Bejeweled Pedicure


Just in time for Thanksgiving, Lopez revealed a festive pedicure that incorporated all of the season’s best colors. Bachik gave her a chocolatey brown base to start (it’s Après Nails polish in Feeling Sendimental), then speckled the edges of her big toes with shimmery gold Swarovski crystals.

Vanilla Chrome Nails


Love it or hate it, the chrome nail trend only rages on — especially thanks to recent endorsements from celebrities like Lopez and Kylie Jenner. In Lopez’s case, she made the entire craze feel so fresh by going for vanilla white nails, with more pigment concentrated at the tips for a pseudo-French feel.

Initial Nail Art


Haven’t you heard? Jen hearts Ben, and she declared it to the world with this metallic sweetheart manicure. With the help of some intricate gold nail stickers, Lopez shows off her love for Affleck but keeps it subtle thanks to that glossy nude base shade.

Dried Flower Manicure


Yes, those are actual dried flowers infused right into Lopez’s springtime manicure. When he created the look, Bachik described these nails as “bohemian rock and roll nails” — an accurate tagline considering it doesn’t get much more cottagecore than real flowers in your mani.

Electric Blue Nails


You don’t reach legend status without going bold once in a while, as perfectly evidenced by Lopez’s electric blue nail polish. They’re a bit longer and more dynamically shaped than her usual manicures (she loves a coffin look for onstage, it seems), but that just helps highlight how shockingly bright these nails are in the best way.

Chanel Logo Matte Manicure


Lopez’s best Met Gala looks are all about the intricate yet downplayed details. For the 2023 Karl Lagerfeld-themed fundraiser, Lopez opted for a matte nude-and-black manicure with a tiny, bejeweled Chanel logo painted onto her ring fingers. It’s about as high-fashion as nail art gets, and it’s incredible.

Minimalist Wedding Nail Art


Everything about Lopez and Affleck’s Vegas wedding (and multi-decade romance) is worth reliving, but her delicate bridal nails deserve a special retrospective. Upon taking a closer look, you can see tiny flowers and even a white hummingbird against the pale pink background. Traditionally, hummingbirds symbolize good news, luck, and joy.

Lip Gloss Nails


Only one manicure trend can truly rival chrome’s grip on salons across the country: lip gloss nails. They became an instant celebrity favorite thanks to their signature high-gloss sheen and bespoke nude shades, and Lopez’s many takes on the look are only furthering their popularity.

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