Pantone’s Color Of The Year Works Across All Makeup Aesthetics

Embrace Peach Fuzz with these looks.

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Peach makeup

The makeup colors you choose tend to follow the seasons. For example, deep and dark earthy tones in the fall, icy tints in the winter, and bright, lively hues for spring and summer. But this year is starting off a bit differently, thanks to the announcement of Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz. Described as warm, velvety, and subtly sensual, it’s the perfect shade for a range of makeup products — specifically, eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks. Instead of a golden yellow or poppy coral, Pantone’s shade embraces the softer side of peach. It also leans into neutral undertones that can camouflage, highlight, and brighten the face.

Even more enticing? The color complements and enhances any skin tone by adding warmth to your complexion. But what’s most appealing about 2024’s color is its finish. As the name suggests, it has a fuzzy — almost diffused —quality that’s in line with today’s popular soft makeup aesthetic. That said, it’s easy to see why peach blushes have become so popular. However, peach is fitting for almost every kind of makeup look. From shimmery cheeks to glossy lids and lips, the options are endless.

Ahead, TZR gathered some of the top peach makeup ideas to inspire your next look. Scroll on to find a new way to incorporate the hue into your routine.

Glossy Lids

Eyeshadow trends can be tricky to master without the right tools or skillset. Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional to pull off this cool look. Colorful shadows were big on the runways, and this kicks it up a notch with a glassy finish. Pro tip: If you can’t find a pigmented cream formula, try topping your lids with a clear lip gloss instead.

Matte Lip

Creating a nude lip is all about balance. With varying skin tones, it can be hard to find the most natural shade of lipstick. But a peachy bullet can even the playing field. The warm undertones give it a flesh-like color that works well on almost any complexion. But if you want to amp up the drama, try ditching the gloss and keeping the look completely matte.

Peachy Flush

Blush might be the most obvious way to wear peach, but that doesn't mean it has to be simple. Layering a mix of formulas and shades can give you a healthy flush. For this look, the placement is going to be essential. Start by finding the apples of your cheeks and determining how much color you want to add. Then, use your brush to sweep upwards for a lifted look.

Monochromatic Moment

It’s always fun to experiment with a tonal makeup look. As it turns out, peach is just the color for the job. The key lies in finding a common accord in your products. Take a cue from makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes and find the undertone that works best with your complexion first. Then, you can use it to curate a monochromatic look that enhances your facial features.

Brown Lip Liner Combo

Guess what — peach plays well with your favorite brown lip liner too. The neutral undertones make it a perfect pairing for a ‘90s nude lip. Instead of washed out, peach adds a subtle pop of color. To nail this look, opt for a chocolate liner and a caramel-colored gloss for a shiny finish.

Matte Peach Blush

When you want to add warmth to your look, you probably reach for a bronzer. But a peach blush works just as well. Choose a soft-matte formula that has warm undertones to create a flushed appearance. Then, lightly buff it into the skin for a natural and healthy finish.

Contrasting Colors

Looking for a new way to play up your graphic eyeliner? How about a blurred peach lip? A natural shade of lipstick is the perfect match for colorful eye looks like neon or sparkly liners. To keep the look effortless, try blotting to create a diffused finish.

Pastel Eyeshadow

This eye look epitomizes Pantone’s Peach Fuzz color. It’s gentle, warm, and even, embodies the velvety texture. To get the full effect, try using an eyeshadow primer or concealer to prime lids. Not only will this amplify the pigment’s intensity, but it will deliver a soft and powdery finish.

Golden Peach Flush

Lean into the juicy side of this hue with a shimmery blush. Like the best highlighters, a gold-fleck peach blush can lift and help sculpt the face. But it can also add warmth, a feat that’s a little harder to achieve with other colors. If you don’t already own a rouge in this shade, consider this your cue to pick one up.

Glossy Peach Lips

What better way to finish your look than with a lip combo? The TikTok trend works with a range of hues including peach. Instead of opting for two contrasting shades, try using products in the same color family. Look for a liner that’s close to your natural skin tone to outline and fill your lips. Then, simply top off with a glassy peach gloss.

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