J.Lo Just Oh-So-Casually Got The Most Decadent Manicure *Ever*

Go for gold.

Jennifer Lopez mirror phone selfie

Though she’ll always be Jenny from the block at her core, there’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez herself — whether she’s chilling in her palatial Bel Air home or performing at the presidential inauguration — is pure opulence personified. Few can work a plush fur coat like Lopez, even fewer could single-handedly kick off a celebrity beauty brand phenomenon, and absolutely no one else could have inspired the creation of Google Images with their outfit selections. J.Lo is a glamazon for the ages — and her latest manicure, a gilded set of gold French tips with the most decadent center detail — fits neatly into her impossibly chic beauty portfolio.

This gold-tipped manicure, featuring a tiny jewel inlaid right at the French tips’ arc, might be one of the most luxurious nail sets of all time. Designed by top Hollywood manicurist, Tom Bachik, the nails were created to play off Lopez’s glimmering silver gown for her Peacock concert special promoting her upcoming rom-com, Marry Me. With her gold nails wrapped around her jewel-encrusted microphone, held next to her gold glitter eyeshadow and sparkle-filled lipgloss, Lopez looked nothing short of luminously celestial — which is probably exactly what the legendary superstar was aiming for.

One of the coolest parts of the already-excellent manicure isn’t seen at first glance, though. Take a closer look at the nail beds below those golden tips and you’ll notice they almost look like they’ve been brushed with a rose-gold highlighter. The faint shimmer isn’t so much as to pull focus from the gems or the French tips themselves, but they add a glimmering halo effect that only amps up the sparkling glamour.

Of course, when you’re a multi-hyphenate diva of Lopez’s cultural stature, luxe nails are a pretty regular occurrence. Bachik is her go-to nail artist — he works with all the big names, like Olivia Rodrigo, Selena Gomez, and Margot Robbie to name but a few — and the pair routinely come up with manicures each more gasp-inducing than the last. French tips, in general, are enjoying a well-deserved renaissance (the nails typing this very sentence are French tips, in fact), but the modern versions of the classic style are far more fun and freewheeling than their predecessors — just take Lopez’s latest for example.

Considering she’s been serving looks since before some of the people reading this were even born, it’d be wise to keep your eyes locked on Lopez’s Instagram — who knows what she’ll come up with next?