Florence Pugh Just Reviewed Ariana Grande’s Makeup Line & She Has *Thoughts*

“Wheezing intensely.”

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Despite having Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles on speed-dial, a cabinet full of awards and accolades, and a production schedule of most actors’ dreams, Florence Pugh is pretty down to earth —just like her fans, she dyed her hair purple during quarantine. And also just like her fans, she floods her Instagram with pictures of her dog and isn’t too cool to geek out over an exciting makeup delivery — especially ones sent personally from Ariana Grande herself. In what might be one of her most relatable moments yet, Florence Pugh’s R.E.M. Beauty review, conducted over her Instagram Stories, showcased her love for beauty and of course Ariana Grande — two things Pugh has always been vocal about.

The videos depict Pugh gushing over the makeup delivery before sharing an unboxing of some products and even trying them on while giving commentary and reviews. At this point, one thing is clear: if Pugh ever tires of the silver screen, she can always just pivot and become the greatest beauty influencer of all time.

Captioning the first tile a very fitting “*wheezing intensely*”, Pugh immediately starts playing around with winter-perfect lipstick shades and the life-sized, R.E.M. Beauty-branded space helmet that houses the makeup. “I just got back home and received the coolest gift,” she starts, smiling wryly into her phone camera. “I don’t know if I’m cool enough for it, though, Ariana.”

In true OG YouTube beauty guru fashion, Pugh even took the time to point out features she liked in the makeups’ packaging, holding them close to the lens while simultaneously showing off her gold glitter manicure. “It smells like chocolate!” she says, slicking on a ‘90s-style brown lip shade — called Wine And Dine in the collection — and before moving on to a glistening cheek highlighter.


Declaring she feels like Tinkerbell with the highlight rubbed across the tops of her cheekbones, Pugh reveals that’s actually the exact vibe and aesthetic she’s going for these days — “Tinkerbell meets Bratz Doll,” she clarifies. Breaking out the Babydoll Eyeshadow Palette next, Pugh grabs a shimmery apricot shade and rubs it across her lids with warmed fingertips. “I love it,” she says, sighing about the end of party season before shrugging and laughing that she’ll be turning up places done up in full-glam anyway.


After completing her R.E.M. Beauty full-face — with the assistance of a glass of wine — Pugh signed off, dubbing the look her new vibe. Considering Pugh’s beauty fluency, her stamp of approval is good as gold. Below, shop Pugh’s favorites from the collection — space helmet sadly not included.

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