This Week's Best Celebrity Manicures Are Kickstarting Tons Of New Trends

It’s impossible to pick a favorite.

best celebrity manicures

The past seven days have been a blurry swirl of fireworks, questionably grilled burgers, outdoor drinks, and out-of-office notices — it’s also been one of the best weeks for celebrity manicures maybe all year. The perfect storm of a holiday weekend, summer vacations, parties, and Cannes Film Festival meant the best-polished celebrities were free to play with nail color, shape, length, and everything in between. This week’s best celebrity manicures ranged from variations on classic styles like French manicures (and their reverse counterparts) to entirely new creations developed by the brilliant nail artists as in-demand as the stars they work with.

Really, it’s never been a better time to be into nails and nail art. With celebs and top-rated artists collaborating on special sets and designs every time they hit a theme park, there’s an endless well of inspiration to draw from and bring to your own salon appointments. And summertime — with its alfresco dining, trips to the coast, and endless activity — makes for the perfect opportunity for out-of-the-box experimentation.

So scroll on through these elaborate celebrity manicures from this week, including some breakdowns of exactly what went into their creation, and let the manicure muse work its magic.

Anya Taylor-Joy


Anya Taylor-Joy’s ensemble and look at the Dior show was pure Grecian goddess: draped column gown, lush braid crown simulating laurels, and this moon-and-stars-speckled manicure that looked like a dreamy night sky. The nails are the work of Kim Truong, who designed the celestial set for Taylor-Joy’s appearance at the event, and instantly pulled thousands of likes.

Hannah Bronfman

These rainbow-spotted nails on Hannah Bronfman are like a visual feast of color and texture, looking like glass on her fingers. A funky, 3-D approach to the multicolored manicure trend that’s had the world in its (well-manicured) grip all year, this puffy set by Mei Kawajiri is about the new wave — I can feel it.

Kim Kardashian

Another masterful set by Truong, these tortoiseshell nails from Kim Kardashian’s Rome vacation are shockingly detailed. Painted with polish by The GelBottle in shades Glass Yellow, Chocolate, and Jet Black, the closeup Truong shared is shot-for-shot perfection next to Kardashian’s matching tortoiseshell dress, glasses, and handbag.

Gigi Hadid

Of course free-spirited Gigi Hadid, most recently pictured in one of the most effortlessly cool outfits I’ve seen all summer, would gravitate towards these sunny ‘70s colors for her reverse French manicure. The work of Mei Kawajiri, also known by her now-famous @nailsbymei handle, the mustard-yellow and orange-brown undoubtedly look fantastic next to Hadid’s fiery red hair.

Teyana Taylor

Another masterpiece by Kawajiri, this set for Teyana Taylor is carefully painted with bits of iconography from the work of Basquiat. Against a snowy white background, the colors and images pop, fully noticeable even at a distance. Judging by Taylor’s cheeky grin in a video showing them off, it sure seems like she’s just as obsessed with the set as everyone in the likes and comments.

Dove Cameron


How often do you see a sideways French manicure? This My Little Pony-colored manicure for Dove Cameron by star nail artist Tom Bachik is practically a summer ice cream date in nail form. The two different shades of each color add length and dimension, while the rest of the nail is a subdued flesh tone to let all of the attention fall on those rainbow brights.