Bella Hadid Is *The* Main Character In This '20s-Inspired Hairstyle

She’s straight out of an Old Hollywood movie here.

Bella Hadid taking selfie on rooftop

OK, so the Neo Roaring Twenties — once so promising with those punny 2020 New Year’s Eve novelty glasses — hasn’t exactly been off to the smoothest start. Visions of newfound prosperity and flapper-packed ragers might have all but vanished but the iconography (and the beauty cues) seem here to stay for good. Case in point, Bella Hadid’s ‘20s-inspired hair and outfit at a recent industry event. Paired with simple, contemporary makeup, it’s a perfect example of paying homage without veering into cosplay territory.

In new photos shared to Hadid’s Instagram, the model’s hair, constructed for a Chopard-hosted dinner at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, featuring a deep side part, an arched and swoopy hairline gelled for dramatic effect, and s-shaped finger waves snaking around her head before giving way to a sleek, mile-long ponytail. By splitting the style into pieces, one a spot-on vintage recreation and the other a thoroughly modern ponytail, it seems Hadid and her creative team wanted to put a 2020 spin on a look reminiscent of Mary Pickford and Marion Davies. It’s a much more natural way to play around with historic recreations if that’s your thing — and it’s clearly Hadid’s thing based on how casually and effortlessly she pulls off the over-the-top, ultra-glamorous style.

@bellahadid via @gregwilliamsphotography

It’s not directly specified which top stylist is the architect of this Gatsby-esque masterpiece, but it’s safe to say it’s probably a toss-up between Peter Lux and Jennifer Yepez, two celebrity favorites responsible for Hadid’s iconic (and extremely complicated-looking) hairstyles at other Cannes events. However, it is confirmed that her fresh, dewy makeup is the work of Dior Beauty wunderkind Sam Visser — no surprise there considering Hadid’s personal and professional closeness both with the brand and Visser.


The key to this throwback hairstyle is texture, shape, and grit — the kind you usually only have after several days of unwashed hair or some strategically-spritzed texturizing spray. Fortunately, the gel required for the look disguises dirt, both actual or approximated, which means you can really load up on whatever it takes to lock your hair in place. A dry shampoo often does the trick, like Biolage’s All-In-One Intense Dry Shampoo that provides maximum texture and volume without that sticky, powder-y residue that accompanies so many dry shampoos. Part hair, and go for a deep one if you’re looking for more authenticity. From there, coat hair with gel, cutting it with a few drops of water for easier arrangement if necessary, and concentrating the product towards the front of the head — that’s where the signature ‘20s finger waves will lay, so it needs the most help with shape.

Using a tail comb or brush and flat hair clips, slide one clip under the first piece of hair you’re waving and use the pointed part of your comb or brush to push the next inch of hair back, forming a C-shape. Move down to the next inch or so and repeat, pushing hair towards the face. By now, you’ll have fashioned that iconic S-shape and can continue it around the face as desired. Boom, instant ‘20s socialite — just beware any glowing green lights you see hovering above bodies of water.

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