Priyanka Chopra Showed Fans Exactly How She Uses Dry Shampoo

Celebrities, they’re just like us.

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Details about Priyanka Chopra's new hair products.
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Although dry shampoo has been a saving grace for second — or third, or fourth — day hair routines, learning how to harness spray-on formulas like a pro comes with a learning curve. How do you make sure residue from your dry shampoo won’t show up on your hair? When should you use dry shampoo over a regular, in-shower formula? How does dry shampoo even work? If you’ve asked yourself all of the above, then it’s time to tune into Priyanka Chopra and her new hair products. On March 22, the actor and activist took to Instagram to demonstrate how the dry shampoo from her new product line Anomaly works, and how a globally loved celebrity with around-the-clock flawless hair uses dry shampoo.

In the clip, Chopra began by calling the $5.99 Anomaly Dry Shampoo one of her favorite products from the collection, and noted when she opts to spritz it on. “I use it after a long flight, even though I’m not taking that many these days. But it’s great between washes or after a workout,” Chopra explained. The video itself showed how the star applies the shampoo. Holding the canister inches from her head, Chopra sprayed the dry shampoo through sections of her hair, targeting her roots. (Smart, since any great dry shampoo should be formulated to soak up excess oil around your crown. Ergo the title of ‘shampoo.’)

Unsurprisingly, the often-photographed star also explained what she looks for in a dry shampoo and how Anomaly factored that into formulation. “When we created this, I had two musts: I wanted to make sure it didn’t leave behind any residue because I hate that, and that’s one thing most dry shampoos have. And also, I didn’t want it to leave your hair feeling like straw,” she said. “You know that dry feeling? It had to feel soft.” Check and check.


Chopra added that Anomaly Dry Shampoo contains rice starch and tea tree oil “to absorb all of the impurities and oil so that my hair feels clean but also it has a little bit of volume.” The dream, really. And Chopra isn’t the only fan of the new formula, too — the under-$10 dry shampoo currently has a 4.4-star score on Target.com.

Below, try out the Chopra-approved dry shampoo.

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