Summer's Monochromatic Trend Is The Cooler Cousin To No-Makeup Makeup

These looks are *so* easy to achieve.

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Warm weather is fast approaching, meaning that people are storing their winter clothes and swapping out their heavy moisturizers for a breezier option. Along with having fun in the great outdoors, it’s only natural to daydream about all the chic ways to update your makeup, whether via a simple sweep of glitter across the lid or a wash of blush on the cheeks. After all, the best 2022 summer makeup trends are all about translating your favorite warm weather aesthetic into a beauty moment that makes you look and feel fabulous.

So, what is there to wear during the summer season? As makeup artist, Ashley Rebecca explains, “My best advice is to play around [with makeup] and see what happens — you learn the most when you’re being creative and there’s no pressure, only fun.” However, during the warmer seasons, it *can* be a bit daunting to apply layers upon layers of fun colors onto your skin, especially when heat (and sweat) are on the rise.

But don’t worry, the hottest makeup trends for summer are wearable for everyone. Whether you are in the market for something that will turn you into a bronzy beach babe or are on the hunt for a hazy-meets-graphic eye look, TZR tapped the industry’s top makeup artists to share which trends they think will reign supreme this summer.

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Inner Corner Pop

Looking back on summer’s past, you may find that you’ve been the type of person to toss your entire makeup routine to the back of your vanity as you enjoy a makeup-free summer, mostly spent by the beach or pool. If you’re in the market for a pop of color that won’t feel too heavy or take much effort, makeup artist and content creator Jonet Williamson states, “An inner corner pop is my personal favorite for summer. It's a fun way to add color to your look and so easy to achieve.” For this look opt for a shimmery periwinkle shadow, or even a quick pop of glitter on the inner corners, paired with an otherwise bare face.

Y2K Shimmer Lips

Y2K style is still running rampant this summer, and no turn-of-the-century look is complete without a fun makeup look to pull together an outfit full of butterfly clips and micro skirts. “Y2K trends are all over right now,” explains Williamson. “[We’re seeing] frosty lipsticks, thinner brows, overdrawn lips, perfectly blended cut creases a la a Bratz doll aesthetic.” If you’re looking to adhere to this decade’s iconic makeup looks, Williamson recommends popping a shimmery eyeshadow over your lipstick for a frosted lip look.

Liner Fun

Liquid liner is a quintessential part of any Gen-Z makeup routine, and the product type will continue to thrive this summer for people of all ages. “I’ve seen a lot of the ‘80s eyeliner trend I used to wear myself in high school,” makeup artist, Jenny Patinkin shares. “Use a black liner along the upper lash line and then put a bright, high contrast color on top of it [to mimic the look of two] different stripes of color.” Patinkin recommends using a bright fuchsia color with a black liner, and Rebecca suggests applying a glitter gel on top of liquid liner, “to add something extra without having to go through an arduous [makeup application] process.”

Pastel Blow Out

Summer is a hot and hazy time, and makeup artists like Williamson believe that this will translate into summer makeup looks this season. Williamson says, “Hazy blown out pastel looks and graphic liner done in vibrant colors will have a huge moment.” You’ll want to apply about three to five pastel eyeshadow shades onto your lid and crease, and then use a fluffy blending brush to merge the colors together to create a hazy, blurred effect. Williamson recommends combining this with a graphic liner design to take your maximalist makeup look up a notch.

Faux Burnt

There’s nothing more indicative of spending all day at the pool or beach than a touch of rosy skin. People all over Instagram and TikTok are going ga-ga over the appearance of sunburnt skin — however, sunburn means sun damage, and there’s no real reason you should put your skin at risk for a makeup trend. Williamson explains, “[Applying] blush to your undereyes is [a trend that’s] blowing up right now to mimic sunburnt skin.” Rebecca recommends using a cream blush during the summer, “as they instantly wake up the skin and are easy to blend. They aid in creating soft, glowing summery looks that last throughout the day and night.” Don’t forget to apply blush to the top of your forehead and along the bridge of your nose to complete the sunburnt effect.

Bronze Age Nouveau

The dewy makeup trend is getting an update this summer with the addition of one simple makeup product: bronzer. This season, people will opt for makeup looks that make it seem as though they just came from the beach while sporting a lit-from-within glow. To achieve a bronzy, radiant glow, Patinkin recommends, “products like Tower28 Bronzino [to] give a radiant sheen while also delivering subtle bronzing.” For this look, apply a shimmery bronzer in a 3-C shape (this will ensure that you hit your temples, cheekbones, and jaw with bronzer) on either side of your face. Makeup and hair stylist Tarryn Feldman shares her quick trick to mimic a bronzy glow: “Finally, it’s trendy to protect that skin! SPF is everyone’s best friend, and so are self-tanners [to protect the skin from sun damage]. Self-tanners are an easy way for everyone to look glowy this summer.”

Easy, Breezy… Monochromatic

The words summer and effortless go hand in hand if you’re a makeup minimalist with mere minutes to spare on your daily beauty routine. Feldman tells TZR, “The no-makeup look is still coming in hot this summer. My tip for an easy, fail-proof daytime look is to use your blush and bronzer for your eyes, cheeks, and lips.” A monochromatic makeup look like this creates a cohesive finish to your eyes, cheeks, and lips, while you can enjoy the ease of just using one product before you start your day. Cream blush or bronzer will do the trick for this look.

Accessorizing with Appliqués

What’s more fun than adorning your makeup look with a few accessories? Williamson reveals to TZR, “Though glitter has continued to be on-trend for a while now, I do feel that more eye appliqués (face lace, stones, gems, and pearls) will be seen this summer.” To achieve this look, apply the appliqués with lash glue to the parts of your eyes where you’d like to spice things up. A cluster of pearls along the outer-v or a simple line of rhinestones along your lower lash will up the ante on your summertime makeup look, even if the rest of your face is relatively bare.

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