Emma Roberts’ Makeup Artist Swears By This Blush Contouring Technique

Everything you need to know for sculpted cheeks.

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Emma Roberts
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There’s no denying that blush is at the forefront of every fresh makeup look. It helps you appear more awake, gives your complexion a subtle pop of color, and the list keeps on going. On top of all that, according to celebrity makeup artists, you can also learn how to make your cheekbones pop and contour your face to perfection. No, it’s not just your trusty bronzer that’s capable of achieving a snatched supermodel-like effect.

In addition to adding a welcome splash of color, Camara Aunique, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Angela Bassett, says, “instead of the face looking super flat, [blush] just gives some type of dimension to the skin and the face.” To add to that, Neil Scibelli, a celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Elle Macpherson and Yvette Noel-Schure, explains, “it can also help to compliment the contours of the face by accentuating the cheekbones and the structures around them.”

And for Vincent Oquendo, a celebrity makeup artist who works with the likes of Emma Roberts and Nina Dobrez, blush is like an amazing accessory, similar to a gorgeous purse. “And all the other things that support this accessory, for instance, is the highlighter, the contour, and your complexion products,” he tells TZR. If you want to sculpt using your blush, the expert says it’s all about how you pair it with these other supporting products. “The number one thing to keep in mind pending what texture blush you’re using, the other stuff should follow suit.” Translation: If he’s mixing textures, like a cream blush, he would then do a powder contour over to lock it in.

Ready to learn more of the insiders’ top tips for using your blush to sculpt and lift the cheeks? Below, find everything you need to know.

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Choose A Formula

“I prefer a cream blush for this [lifting] technique as I love the end result looking more radiant and youthful,” Tobi Henney, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Ashley Graham and Jennifer Lawrence, tells TZR. Plus, Aunique believes a cream blush makes the face look very natural.

However, Henney says a powder blush will do the trick, too, and might be better for more oily skin types to ensure the product lasts throughout the day. Ultimately, it boils down to what type of product you are more confident working with. Another option is to layer a powder blush over cream for a long-lasting effect.

Use A Small Brush

According to Scibelli, when it comes to sculpting, “the smaller the brush the better so you can really zero in on where the product is going, versus a big powder brush that sort of gets the product everywhere.”

And if you decided on a cream blush to lift the cheeks, Oquendo recommends a small pointed blush brush. “If it’s too stiff, it’s going to turn out streaky and that’s not what you want to do,” he explains of this brush choice. Likewise, Scibelli says if you’re using a powder product, then you’ll want to go for a powder blush brush as well to keep your application seamless.

Apply Farther Up The Cheekbones

“For a sculpting effect, I usually start applying in the midline of the cheekbones — slightly away from the edge of the nose, starting almost halfway into the apples of the cheeks and outwards towards the center of the ear,” Scibelli explains. “This will give a more sculpted, contoured effect, without accentuating too much of the roundness of the apples of the cheeks out.” Pro tip: Aunique recommends smiling when applying the blush because when you grin afterward, you’ll see the color in this area. This will help to really make your cheekbones pop.

To add to that, Henney recommends to, “be careful of how strong the pigment is of the product you are using.” Less is more in this case. And for a natural look, she adds, “always ensure to blend out the edges. Add a little foundation to a damp Beauty Blender [sponge] to assist with this.” In fact, Henney notes that this is also a great trick if you’ve overdone it with the blush (it happens!) and need to pull the color back.

Bump Up The Bronzer For Extra Oomph

According to Oquendo, you can apply your blush and bronzer in the same area — his suggestion is at the hollows of the cheeks. “But, you’re going to let your blush blend out, whereas, with the contour, you’re not going to let it blend out as much.” The reasoning behind this is that the result will give you that cut cheekbone effect è la Bella Hadid. Consider this the extra sculpted day-to-night effect for your makeup that will have you looking like a sculpted supermodel in no time.

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