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Spring’s Top Nail Colors Are Soft, Subtle, & Extremely Gorgeous

The shades everyone will be wearing.

spring 2024 nail colors
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The excitement of spring is just around the corner. Pretty soon, the snow will melt away to reveal patches of green and blossoming flowers. As you wait for the shift, you can embrace the beauty of the season with a fresh manicure. Saying goodbye to winter usually translates to vibrant designs and bold polish shades, but the top spring 2024 nail colors are taking a softer approach. “Beauty and fashion trends often mirror the natural shades of the environment,” says Amy Ling Lin, CEO and founder of Sundays. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to see lots of creamy pastels and floral tones in the months to come.

Light nail colors are currently having a moment. Not only are they great for fun designs, but they also appeal to many trending aesthetics. Take the balletcore and coquette looks that have flooded TikTok and the runways during fashion month. The romantic roses and pearls are perfect for classic and artistic manicures alike. However, if you prefer darker shades, there are a few earthy shades to play with. Milky chocolate brown and subtle sage are just two options perfect for the warmer days ahead.

The season may be a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to create (or fill) your manicure mood board. Below, TZR taps three nail experts to break down spring’s trending nail colors.


Cool-toned pastels are the trend to lean into this season. According to Sarah Chue, celebrity nail artist at Exclusive Artists, these shades are the perfect balance of subtle and striking. One hue that exemplifies this is sage. The light green has a softness that’s on par with spring and is surprisingly easy to wear. Take a cue from this manicure that blends the color with creamy white and nude polishes to create a stylish look.


Pastel polishes are as synonymous with spring as floral nail art. Chue tells TZR that lilac is one of the most sought-after hues right now. “Lighter tones feel appropriate as the weather warms, but a soft purple adds a fun pop of color and is a little unexpected,” she says.

Versatility is another reason why this shade has become a popular choice at salons. Whether you’re opting for a solid set or incorporating it into a design, there’s no denying the final look will be chic. The pros also note that there’s lots of room to play with nail shape and length. “Short natural nails or medium ovals are great for showing off the delicate nature of the color,” says Chue.

Milk Chocolate

Despite the allure of pastels this time of year, they’re not the only option for a springy manicure. Enter this milky brown hue. In line with the latte looks that have dominated the nail space over the last year, this chocolate color blends earthy tones with a creamy finish. The result is a satiny shade perfect for those days when the temperatures are still a little too chilly for full on spring vibes.

Robins Egg Blue

As one of the top color trends for 2024, it’s not surprising to see blue on this list. The cool hue may feel distinctly cold but is just as fitting for the warmer months. “I think we’ll see a lot of the winter trends continue into the next few months with a pastel twist,” says Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood. Though icy gray versions were popular during winter, spring is all about a poppy robin’s egg blue. Not only is it aptly seasonal, but it also doubles as a bold look when used for a solid manicure.

If an opaque polish in this shade feels a little too striking for you, Hanna notes that a jelly polish can be a nice alternative. “The translucent finish gives off a light and refreshing look that’s perfect for spring,” she says. You can use one coat to create a sheer see-through appearance or several layers for a true jelly finish.

Lemon Chiffon

Yellow may be an intimidating nail color, but Ling Lin notes that a lemony sorbet shade is trending as we move out of the cold months. “Spring brings about the spirit of renewal, a creamy yellow has an airy look that feels uplifting after a long winter,” she says.

If you’re trying the hue for the first time, she recommends opting for a squoval nail instead of harsh stiletto shapes. A blend of square and oval, Ling Lin mentions that rounded edges nicely complement the subtleties of the color. “It’s particularly great for those transitioning from shorter to longer nails, providing a balanced and elegant appearance throughout the growth process,” she adds.

Ballet Pink

As the weather warms, soft pink shades will be a popular choice for manicures. Hanna predicts that the balletcore aesthetic will bring a new wave of looks for the months to come. “Delicate shades that offer different finishes are a fresh way to sport the style this season,” she says.

Short nails are a shoo-in for pastels, but Hanna notes that longer and naturally shaped nails will best match cutesy vibe of the lighter hue. “Almond and ballet silhouettes work best with the coquette theme as they really highlight the hyper-feminine aesthetic of the look,” she says.

Peachy Keen

Pantone’s Color of the Year made a splash in the beauty community after its December reveal. As it turns out, the soft and velvety peach fuzz hue is ideal for manicures and timely for spring. The freshest way to sport the look is to opt for a multi-colored set or a cool finish. This set uses chrome to create a glazed look that is truly divine.