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The Ballet Nails Trend Is A Fresh Way To Remix Your Go-To Manicure

So on pointe.

ballet nail ideas

Settling on just one type of manicure is almost impossible. There are many different designs, colors, and finishes to explore. For those who wear extensions, nail shape and length are also fun elements to play with. Almond nails have been the standard for a naturally elongated manicure, while coffin and stiletto offered a more extreme look. But, in beauty, there’s always room to get creative. Take the recent boom of ballet nails. Like almondetto nails, this look combines two shapes for a brand new feel. Even more enticing are the pages of ballet nail ideas flooding Instagram.

From soft and classic to bold and colorful, it seems the internet can’t get enough of this new trend. The name “ballet” comes from its resemblance to the pointe shoes worn by ballerinas, which features round and boxy elements. Like the almond shape, it has a round base and contours the outer curves of the fingernail. But here’s where it gets interesting. Instead of a pointed tip, the extended portion of the nail is tapered and squared off. The result is a softer version of the coffin shape that’s adaptable to any length. Ballet nails are also the perfect canvas for solid manicures or artsy designs. If you’re still on the fence, turn to these cool looks for inspiration.

Ahead, the best ballet nail ideas to bookmark before your next appointment.

Ombré French

The French manicure works with almost every color in the rainbow. Still, there’s nothing like the classic pink and white combo. If you’re looking for a new way to embrace the traditional palette, try opting for this ombré style. Instead of sharp lines, it features soft ones and looks even more appealing when paired with the ballerina nail shape.

Strips Of Gold

Nail art can be a challenge to master. But this design uses simple swirls and stripes to create a unique manicure. Best of all, you don’t need to be a trained artist to achieve the look. The subtle ballet shape even adds to the elegant feel.

Lip Gloss Nails

It’s hard to ignore the allure of these lip gloss nails. The soft, tapered shape and sheer pink polish give the manicure a natural feel. To get the look right, file the nails down to a medium length and square off the tips. Then, add two coats of jelly polish and finish with a strong top coat for shine.

Pretty Pastels

Despite being synonymous with spring, these pastel shades can work year-round. This set uses a mix of five creamy colors. Together, they create a soft yet vibrant manicure. However, the glossy finish really makes this look dreamy.

Gemstone Tips

Y2K beauty is in its 2.0 era. This look relives the best manicure moments of the era. The ballet extensions, the thick white tips, and the rhinestones are just some of the classic elements of the 2000s. Use a rainbow of gemstones and a pinky nude base to fully lean into the nostalgia.

Patent Leather

This look is all about simplicity. The natural shape and medium length are the perfect canvas for a sleek black manicure. Unlike coffin or stiletto nails, a ballet shape feels classic with an onyx shade. Even the patent leather finish has timeless appeal.

Matte Swirls

A matte topcoat will instantly transform your manicure. In this set, simple swirls in cool pastels create the negative space design. Against the nude nail, it has a contemporary look. But with the shine-free finish, they’re truly unique.

Mixed Mani

Why settle on one nail look when you can have three? This set features a mix of glitter, ombré, and jelly designs. The key is to use a consistent color palette. Take a cue from this manicure, which uses icy blue glitter and coordinating polish shades.

Marble Rainbow

These ballet nails are not for the timid. The marble effect features a rainbow of hues that give the manicure a watercolor look. Recreating them is easier than you think, as the design embraces imperfection. Once you’ve painted your nails, don’t forget to add a light layer of topcoat to give them a stained glass appearance.

Glitter French

If you’re looking for a way to inject some sparkle into your next manicure, why not consider this unique set? Instead of completely covering the nail with glitter polish, it uses a light dusting of two colors. The result is a subtle design with just the right amount of shimmer.