Short Natural Hair Twist Styles To Try This Winter

It’s giving goals on goals.

by Natasha Marsh

Twists — a protective hairstyle that shields natural hair from environmental elements — are a great style for any occasion and give your hair the chance to experience growth, without manipulation. Even better, they suit all hair lengths, especially short. Ahead, 10 short twist styles to try this winter season.

Color Pop

With the simple method of taking two strands of hair and wrapping them around each other, you can opt to liven things up with whatever color your heart desires. Go for multiple colors, one color, or half-strand color and see where your imagination takes you.

Space Bun Twists

Space buns continue to gain traction after its celebrity endorsement, and have no sense of stopping in twists. If doing at home, be sure to part your hair in sections and detangle before twisting. This prevents excess hair damage and will cut down on total install time.

Swoop It

For an update on traditional twists, have your braider cornrow a few side braids for a swoop look. For even more oomph, add in some embellishments. This style can last for a couple weeks depending on how well you take care of it.

Bandana It

Like all protective styles, don’t forget to wrap your hair to protect it from frizzing and unraveling. You can do this at night or for double protection, during the day with a bandana. This style also doubles as a chic day-time look.

Two-Strand Classic

Sometimes sticking to the basics, isn’t basic at all. For this classic two-strand twists, be sure to arm your hair routine with plenty of oils and shine mists to produce this level of gloss.

Spicy Fall

A little color never hurt nobody, especially one as fiery as red. For the DIY version, be sure to be gentle as you twist, as too much pressure can damage the hair.

Dramatic Ends

For those who like to make a statement, look no further than this two-strand twists with exaggerated ends. Whether you decide to place it in balls as done here, or accessorize it, you’re sure to turn heads.

Middle Part Fever

Live like a millennial and err on the middle path debate. For maintenance, oil and pomade are great products to have on hand when twisting or re-twisting at home. They ensure shine and security of the twists.

Mini Twists

Regardless of your curl pattern or texture, you can make twists as small as you want them, like this mini width look. Of course, depending on your detangling method, the style will take longer than medium or jumbo twists, but worn up or down, you won’t regret the versatile options.

Coi Leroy Twists

Channel the buzzy New Jersey-based rapper, Coi Leroy with a couple of neat twists and curled ends. To add some spice to the look, work in an edge controller and create exaggerated laid edges.


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