Space Bun Mini Twists Are The Cute Protective Style You Never Knew You Needed

Same versatility, with only two strands.

Mini twist hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are meant to prevent damage and maintain hair health, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them — and you should. After all, nothing can boost confidence quite as effectively (and instantly) as a brand new hairstyle. Braids and twists of all sizes have long been tried-and-true methods for protecting natural hair, but mini twists have become particularly popular lately. Not only are they adorable, but mini twist hairstyles can take much less time to create than braids (since they’re created using two strands of hair rather than three) while giving a similar look.

Celebrities like Yara Shahidi turn to mini twists time and time again, likely due to the convenience and versatility of the style. They can be done on a variety of hair lengths and can be left in for up to four weeks, so there’s plenty of time to play around with different styling techniques. From adding chic accessories like beads and barrettes to trying out trending looks like hair scarves and space buns, the limit truly does not exist when it comes to styling mini twists.

Ahead, find the best mini twist hairstyle inspiration to help you channel your creativity — while protecting your gorgeous strands.


Pinning back the top part of your mini twists is a fool-proof way to change up your look. Leaving a couple of face-framing pieces out adds a trendier, more undone feel.

Add Accessories

Customize your mini twists by adding some of your favorite hair accessories. Mixing and matching clips and barrettes give your look a personal, unique touch that will surely get you compliments.

Classic Side Part

If classic looks are your thing, simply part your hair to the side to best show off your mini twists — no additional styling necessary.

Subtle Highlights

Even the most subtle touch of color on the ends of your hair can add a ton of dimension to your mini twists.

Space Buns

Playful styles like space buns have been super trendy lately, and look oh-so cute when styled with mini twists.

Multicolored Beads

Bold, chunky beads can sometimes overpower a hairstyle, but because mini twists are on the subtler side, it lets any hair accessory take center stage.

Top Knot

Mini twists are in themselves low maintenance, but if you’re looking for an even more effortless look, a top knot always does the trick.

Hair Scarf

A patterned hair scarf can instantly add a pop of personality to your mini twist look, and cover up any frizziness if your twists are on their last leg.

Curled Ends

Leaving the ends of your mini twists curled gives them a softer look while adding movement and dimension.