Yes, Your Hair *Needs* A Heat Protectant — These Are The Best Out There

Your strands will thank you.

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Heat protectant might seem like an extraneous step, but any expert will tell you that it’s crucial to shield your strands from the potential damage of heat styling. Think of it like SPF for your hair — it creates a layer that not only protects, but makes sure that your other hair care products can work to their full potential, too. Without that protection, you’re pretty much undoing your other hair care steps. However, with the best heat protection hair products, you can continue with your blowouts, rollers, and flat-ironing without worrying about excessive damage.

“A heat protectant preserves the integrity of the hair structure and artificial hair color when using hot tools by dispersing the heat evenly,” Gregory White, field education leader with Hair Cuttery, tells TZR. “High temperatures concentrated in spots can rob the hair of its strength, elasticity, and essential moisture.” White explains that heat protectants work their magic by creating a shield around the hair strands, blocking the damage and preventing the fading of hair color that can occur from hot tools.

When on the hunt for the best heat protectants, White recommends opting for brands that use natural ingredients over synthetic ingredients and watching out for silicone. “[Silicone] creates buildup on the hair while also making the ends of the hair dry and brittle with repeated use,” he says.

Ahead, discover the best heat protection hair products that deserve a spot in your styling routine.

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