10 Twist Hairstyles To Try If You Need A New Protective Style

And did someone say low-maintenance?

Annie Blay
Hairstyle fatigue is real, especially with natural hair. So if you've exhausted most of the options, it’s time to turn to these twists hairstyles for natural hair. Not only are twist hairstyles low maintenance but they are so versatile. Scroll through for the ultimate twist hairstyle inspiration. @aysha.sow
Havana Twists

If you’re all about that free-flowing goddess vibe loose, jumbo Havana Twists are the way to go — leave a few curly pieces out of a few of the twists for an ultra boho-chic look.

Long Twist Ponytail

Calling all natural hair minimalists! This sleek twist ponytail is an easy, elevated style that is simple enough to style with any look. Add in some accessories like Alicia Keys did with a thin white string for some extra pizazz.

Rope Twists

This iteration of twists (as the name suggests) resembles a rope. This style is best worn long with yaki kanekalon hair that has a bit of shine to it.

Flat Twist Low Bun

While flat twists are often worn as a step before rocking a twist out, they stand to be a style all on their own. This elegant flat twist wrapped into a bun is all the proof you need.

Passion Twists

Though passion twists are seen a lot during the summer because they make for a great vacation hairstyle, they are still all the rage now that the temperatures have dropped. The best part of this style? The more worn and distressed they become, the more natural they look.

@sofiaziadaa hair by @afriq.hair
Mini Twists Bob

Bob haircuts have been trending for a while, so why not try out the twist iteration? These mini twists are super cute, easy to DIY, and are a great low-maintenance protective style that requires no additional hair depending on the length of your natural strands.

Marley Twists

Marley twists are the wilder cousin to rope twists. Done using kinky Marley hair, this style is great if you have type 4 hair as the texture of the twisting hair will blend right in with your natural hair for a seamless look.

Spring Twists

Want something a bit tighter and neater than passion twists? Opt for spring twists using twisting hair that has a tighter curl to achieve this bouncy, springy style. Kick it up a notch by getting it in a color that fits your mood, or the season, like this perfect-for-fall burnt orange color.