Lizzo's Latest Hairstyle Demonstrates How To Wear '90s Baby Hairs In 2022

Oh, baby.

Lizzo with highlights, baby hairs, baby phat t-shirt

Welcome back to the latest installment of Lizzo Is Our Greatest Living Creative. It seems like every single week, the multi-hyphenate talent treats fans to a major new look — be it a stunning outfit, an elaborate new hairstyle, or some seriously recreation-worthy makeup. Sometimes, the looks are part of a larger shoot or promotional spot, but oftentimes, they’re just Lizzo and her endlessly imaginative glam team having fun. The latest (and possibly greatest) output from Lizzo and co.? Lizzo’s dramatic baby hairs, all swirled, gelled, and laid to perfection around her forehead, cheekbones, and even down her neck. In fact, she doesn’t just use baby hairs for this instantly-iconic moment — some of them are full-grown adult hairs and they add plenty of show-stopping length and shape to the expressive style.

In classic Lizzo fashion, the artist dropped two photo sets featuring the dramatic baby hairs paired with a cheeky caption. The photos immediately started racking up likes and hundreds of gushing comments raving over the hairstyle. According to the tags on the post, Lizzo’s go-to hair guru, Shelby Swain, made it all happen. Considering Swain is also known as the “Beyoncé of baby hair”, it makes sense that she would be the architect behind the enchanting look.

While the shiny swirls of hair are undoubtedly the star of Lizzo’s entire aesthetic that day, there are plenty of supporting characters worthy of their own shoutouts. It’s understandable if you didn’t even notice Lizzo’s Y2K space buns amid the attention-grabbing slicked-down hairs, but they absolutely deserve some closer inspection just for the space, placement, and impressive length cascading from each. Additionally, Lizzo’s relatively minimal eye makeup and sweet rosy cheeks (the work of makeup artist Alexx Mayo) complement the youthful hair so well. It’s unclear what exactly this look might be for (it’s too good for just hanging out, right?), bets are on something very big.

Of course, this isn’t even the first time this week that Lizzo’s debuted an utterly transformational hairstyle. Just two days earlier, Lizzo’s hair was clavicle-length, streaked with caramel highlights, and lined with more perfectly-gelled baby hairs — the classic kind this time. This ‘00s-esque look was paired with a powder pink Baby Phat t-shirt and tiny Takashi Murakami-designed Louis Vuitton bag for added authenticity.

What’s up next on Lizzo’s beauty roster is anyone’s guess — it’s only halfway through the week, after all.