Women Over 40 Slay These Protective Styles

Like a fine glass of wine.

by Natasha Marsh

Naturals love protective styles for their ability to test out different textures, lengths, and colors with minimal commitment. Another great draw to these low-maintenance styles are the ability to wear them at any age. Ahead, 10 of Instagram's most elite 50-and-older-year-olds rocking bantu knots, locs, and everything in between.

Curly Weave

When you are looking for long-lasting curl definition, look no further than a curly weave. With no daily maintenance, this one is sure to turn heads.

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids might be all the rage in the summer, but they are just as versatile in other seasons. Block out the stress of weather conditions, dirt, and pollution like the protective queen herself.

Pineapple Knot

Who says protective styles have to involve extra hair? Give your natural curls a break with a pineapple knot that allows the hair to stay intact for three to five days. For a refresh, simply spritz with a shine spray in the mornings.

Jumbo Box Braids

Taking anywhere from one to two hours depending on how much hair you have and how many braids you want, jumbo box braids are a great option the 50-something on-the-go.

Dreadloc Hybrid

Jumbo dreadlocs meet box braids here in this Marley-extension braid look. Because braids have more weight to them, you might feel a bit of tension in your neck but it should subside after the first few days.

Twist Out

Twist outs are a fan favorite in the natural community and an easy style to achieve for the over-50 set. Whether you opt for two- or three-strand twists, allow hair to stay braided for a couple days before taking them out for this full curl look.

Goddess Box Braids

Box braids with a couple unwoven ends is equal parts chic and bohemian. Try this one out for fall and see how well it complements all your light trench coats and ankle boots.

Long Extensions

When you can’t be bothered with braids, go for sleek and long extensions that can easily curl or be manipulated into whatever style you desire. Here, Brandy wears them half up, half down with a slight wave.

Floor Length Braids

Floor length braids prove you can still have fun and experiment when you reach 50. To really shock, invest in an edge brush to lay down a design.

Power Braids

And when you want to really stand out, choose crimp-like extensions for a sophisticated and edgy look. Remember to work in a hair oil on the ends every two weeks for a freshly done appearance.


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