Can’t Decide Between Cornrows & Curls? Treat Yourself To Both With These Hybrid Hairstyles

Talk about a two-in-one.


Of all the hybrid hairstyles out there, half-cornrows half-curls hairstyles might just be the ultimate — they’re certainly among the most versatile and striking. An intricate blend of protective cornrows that flow into lush curls, the look is beloved by tastemakers for a very good reason.

Always a trendsetter, Alicia Key’s glossy curls and side-centered cornrows meet up at the crown of her head to form a bouncy, boho ponytail — one of the star’s all-time coolest looks.Dave Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
The variety of placement, shape, and style options are a large part of what makes half-cornrow hairstyles look so intricate and glamorous. Braid just the sides or do all-over cornrows for an even more defined look — which in turn makes the curls seriously stand out.@maty_mahera
For shorter lengths, few looks are as chic as a waterfall of waves tumbling coquettishly over one eye. Regina King’s blend of bouncy curls and scalp-circling cornrows keep her ringlet bangs in position and perfectly playful.David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Half-cornrow half-curl hairstyles can have a few meanings — the braids can cover half your head, or they can stop halfway down to give way to a mane of curls. As a bonus, braiding more of your curls, leaving only the mid-lengths and ends free, means even more protection.@nadiaduartex
Not only do half-cornrow hairstyles provide an excellent opportunity to show off volume and curl shape, but the braids allow edges and baby hairs to take centerstage. Show them off with artful swirls and swoops, aided by an edge brush and pomade.@arnell.armon
Ciara’s effortless glam always features several screenshot-worthy components, and her own half-cornrow half-curl style is proof — by keeping one section of her hair braided back, the multidimensional warm blonde tones in her hair become even more defined.@ciara
To switch it up, consider trading our straight-backs for fun, face-flattering directions and sizes instead. With a stylist's help, the cornrow placement (and how your curls fall around them) can accentuate bone structure and make the free-flowing hair look even thicker. @seni_stylist
Issa Rae found herself in the pantheon of all-time greatest naturalistas almost immediately upon arrival in Hollywood. Her willingness to experiment and blend different styles is always a treat — and this combination of side-swept cornrows, curls, topknot, and accenting Fulani braids is flawless.Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Though a hybrid blend of curls and cornrows is exciting on its own, there’s always room to take it to the next level with accenting strands, jewels, beads, and braid cuffs. Attach the beads through your cornrows for a gleaming tiara-like effect fit for royalty.@maiaboitrago
When you have a half-cornrow, half-curl hairstyle, even the simplest looks make a serious statement. These straight-backs feature ultra-glossy feed-in curls which effortlessly (and instantly) make a low-key ponytail look so editorial. @braidedbytee

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