Face-Framing Tendrils Are The Summer Update Your Sew-In Needs

It’s giving double take after double take.

by Natasha Marsh
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Sew in weaves, a hair technique that involves braiding down natural hair so thread can be sewn in to add extensions, has become a popular summer protective style. Known for their seamless, natural-looking installation, sew-in styles do a great job at concealing and protecting your natural strands and ends, while allowing you to experiment with different textures, lengths, and colors.

You can choose between two types: leave-out, a style where some of your natural hair will show to blend in with tracks, or a full sew-in, where all hair is tucked in and protected. And then there is the type of hair that you can choose from: virgin or synthetic — virgin being more durable since it doesn’t tangle as much as synthetic (although it does cost more). Regardless of what type of hair and sew-in type you choose, all will allow you to play around with different hairstyles depending on what mood you’re in.

To help you decide on the best sew-in style for your hot girl summer look, TZR curated a chic list of 11 options for you to bring as inspiration to your next salon appointment. Plus, shop some of the best hair care products to protect and nourish your style throughout the season.

Half-Up Half-Down

Go for volume this summer with a full curly-twist out sew-in. Emphasis the texture even more by placing the hair half-up and half down. If you plan to wash this one, you can detangle lightly if needed with a Denman brush.

Sleek & Accessorized

For Zoom calls, work meetings, errands, and weekend brunch, pop on a fun hair accessory like a knotted headband to add to your sleek look.

Side-Framing Tendrils

Celebrities and It-girls everywhere have been sporting face-framing tendrils for multiple seasons now. The popular Y2K trend gets a summer update with braids on each side of the face. In micro, medium, or jumbo sizes, braid two plaits into your summer sew-in for a multidimensional look.

Bubble Braids

Because sew-in weaves use extensions, you have the freedom to create any braid style that you want. And although there are a plethora of options to choose from, go for two trends and style your sew-in with bubble braids. Made by placing hair in a pony with multiple elastics that flutter out, this style is great for all your special events this season.

Curl Mania

This slight beach wave texture sew-in will soon become your go-to vacation hair. It has that perfect out-all-day-at-the-beach appearance and can easily be straightened or placed in a high bun.

Hang Time

Go for length this summer with 12+ inch extensions for one show-stopping look. Make sure to have a hair serum or shine booster on hand to keep this one looking hydrated all summer long.

Summer Color

Why not channel the beautiful colors of a summer sunset with a fiery copper sew-in weave with wavy texture. When on-the-go, situate your hair with a hair scarf that can be worn in a ponytail, as a headband, or bandana as shown here.

Long Fringe

Adding fringe is an elegant twist to your summer sew-in. And worn in a straight cut, it’s not only sophisticated but can easily be executed at-home with small scissors, preferably with eyebrow scissors for precision. And remember to cut them dry to determine the length.

Middle Part It

Regardless of what Gen-Z feels about middle vs side parts, middle parts prove their claim to fame in multiple styles, especially in a sew-in. This specific style is a leave out, where the natural scalp is shown and then manipulated to match the texture of the extensions. You can wear this up in a pony or down for the ultimate chic look.

Curtain Bangs

Seen on Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and every celebrity in between, curtain bangs are not going away anytime soon. And now you can incorporate the trend into your summer sew-in. The cheek-grazing bangs will emphasize your facial features and help you perfect the popular ‘70s style that is currently trending.

Spiral Curls

A stunning bantu knot without the fuss is exactly what you’ll get with this dreamy spiral curl sew-in. Remember to sleep with hair covered in a bonnet or hair scarf to retain the curls. If the curls need an extra boost in the morning, spritz in a curl refresh for revitalization.

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