J.Lo Just Put Yet Another Gorgeous Spin On The Curtain Bangs Trend

So wispy.


It’s been well-documented that Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of the curtain bangs trend. While she’s experimented with various takes on the style over the years (her blunt curtain bangs last spring come to mind), the multi-hyphenate always seems to return to a similar look: wispy, face-framing bangs along with her trademark honey-blonde balayage. This week, Jennifer Lopez’s curtain bangs made a triumphant return — yet again — further solidifying her signature style.

In a short video shared on Instagram, Lopez announced that her skin care line, JLo Beauty, will be available at Sephora Mexico starting January 7. The clip shows the star seated on a red couch and surrounded by pillows, her long waves cascading over her shoulders with wispy curtain bangs creating face-framing layers. Lopez also shared a selfie video on her own Instagram page that gave viewers a closer look at her hairstyle. The rest of her hair is tied back, so you can see that the curtain bangs fall right to her jawline and taper at the ends.

J.Lo hasn’t started who’s responsible for her recent chop, but it may very well be celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who has worked closely with Lopez for years and has even given her curtain bangs in the past.

J.Lo is just one of many celebrities with curtain bangs as of late. Stars like Lopez and Dakota Johnson have made it their signature look, while others such as Billie Eilish and Halle Berry have begun to dabble in the trendy style. It’s easy to see why so many are opting for curtain bangs; not only is the look totally timeless, but it’s universally flattering and can work on a variety of hair lengths and textures. It’s also a great way to try out bangs without the full commitment of traditional bangs.

Curtain bangs have also spawned even more low-maintenance bangs styles — most recently, bottleneck bangs, which have made quite the splash among the likes of Dakota Johnson and Lily Collins. Taking on — you guessed it — the tapered shape of a bottle, bottleneck bangs start shorter than curtain bangs, then curve around the eyes and face for a super swoopy effect.

With celebrities like Jennifer Lopez leading the charge, there seems to be no end to the curtain bangs trend in sight. Thankfully, this means there’s plenty of hair inspiration to be had for many seasons to come.