The Ombré Trend Is Coming For Concealer & It Actually Really Works

Perfect coverage in three steps.

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ombré concealer trend
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In the world of beauty, nothing beats a good makeup hack. Take mascara cocktailing, for example, which helps you achieve your dream lashes sans extensions. Or there’s the finger eyeliner trick, which helps you draw a clean line every time. It should come with little surprise that many of these shortcuts were born and bred in three-minute (or less) videos on TikTok. The most recent fad to go viral is the ombré concealer trend and like the other timesaving techniques, it’s designed to work in a snap. Best of all, it’s for everyone — whether you’re aiming to cover dark circles or simply want to elevate your makeup look.

From evening out redness to covering blemishes, concealer is one makeup product that can achieve a lot on its own. But if you’re accustomed to using the product to mask under-eye concerns, you’ve probably also developed a routine that mixes shades in order to correct and brighten the area. But this hack takes blending to a whole other level. “Instead of using one or two tones, [the] ombré concealer [technique] includes up to four different shades that blend from the inner corners under the eyes, working their way outwards towards the temples,” says New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli. Why so many you may ask? “It’s about creating a look that opens the eyes in a more balanced way,” he says. And with over 11 million views on TikTok, it’s quickly becoming much more than a trend.

Ahead TZR chatted with two top makeup artists to break down the basics of this simple trick and learn how to harness its power at home.

What Is Ombré Concealer?

According to Scibelli, the hack incorporates two main products: concealer and liquid blush to achieve the look “The trend features a brightening concealer, as well as one that’s true to your skin tone, and two different shades of blush.” He continues telling TZR that a swipe of each product is placed in an ombré-like pattern that spans the face before being completely blended in with a Bautyblender.

Almost as important as the colors you choose is the location they are placed. The idea is to cover, brighten, and give an innocent blushing look with just one application. But much more than another zany internet trick, the ombré concealer hack also demonstrates how the position of your makeup can affect your overall look. “As an artist, I love that this helps people see a different perspective on how and why we [makeup artists] apply blush on the upper parts of the face,” says New York City-based celebrity makeup artist and face sculptor Joseph Carrillo.

What Are The Benefits Of Ombré Concealer?

Don’t be so quick to write off this trend as TikTok fodder. There are a few effects the ombré concealer method creates, including a natural flush and an overall illuminating look. “By placing the brightest concealer on the inner corners of the face, you can produce a spotlight effect and bring light to the center of the face similar to a vignette style filter,” says Scibelli.

Similarly, Scibelli notes that the addition of blush to this technique also holds a few advantages. “Placing the blush higher up towards the outer eyes and temples creates a lifting effect that can also be a fun statement look,” he says.

How To Do The Ombré Concealer Technique

The other good thing about this trending trick is that you likely already have all of the products needed to give it a try. This means that all you really need is a little expert-led guidance to nail the technique.

Step One: Concealer

“To begin you want to use a creamy brightening concealer that should be about two shades lighter than your skin tone and place a small swipe at the innermost corner of your under-eye area,” says Carrillo. Remember, each product needs to progress from lightest to darkest as it moves away from your eye, so naturally the concealer that matches your complexion should be added next. “Your second ombré concealer can be placed in the middle of the under-eye area where you’d typically apply it,” says Scibelli.

Step Two: Blush

Scibelli continues, saying once you’ve added both streaks of concealer, it’s time to move on to blush. He recommends going for a lighter peachier blush in this third quarter section and then a deeper pink hue directly next to it. The purpose behind using two shades of blush is to give cheeks a nice pop that will softly blend into a natural flush.

Step Three: Blending

This is where things can get tricky, but Carrillo assures that you don’t need to be a professional to finish the look. Instead, consistency is going to be your best bet. With light motions and a dampened beauty sponge, begin to blend the products together starting from the inner corner and moving outward. “You want to take the blush color as far out to the tops of the cheekbone and blend it upward toward the temple to make it look natural,” he says. Once everything has been melded together, he notes that setting the final look with a setting spray will be key to ensuring the product stays smooth and intact throughout the day.

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