Knotless Box Braids Are The Go-To Protective Hairstyle To Wear Year Round

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by Natasha Marsh and Jessica Fields
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Knotless braids styles

The beauty of protective styles — hairstyles that act as a shield to environmental elements, dirt, pollution, and product buildup — is the amount of variations there are. Whether you choose to sport box braids, Senegalese Twists, sew-in weaves, cornrows, or wigs, there is an option for everyone. A favorite among naturals is knotless box braids, a style achieved by feeding extensions into natural hair to create a seamless look. Unlike knotted box braids, they look a bit more natural, appearing to be an extension of the wearer's own hair while simultaneously creating less stress on the strands and scalp.

And like all protective styles, there are several variations of the lightweight hairstyle. You can opt for a different texture, length, or color of braiding hair. You can also choose between standard box patterns or liven up the style with triangle or heart-shaped iterations. You could even wear trendy looks like space buns, a high pony with accessories, or an elegant up-do. Not to mention, they can last anywhere from four to eight weeks, perfect for giving your hair a break from heat and the use of damaging tools.

Ahead, TZR rounded up the best knotless box braid styles that you should add to your hair queue, plus the tips and products you’ll need to maintain a salon-worthy look at home.

Crisscross Twists Design

Single knotless braids can easily be mixed with other braid designs. If you like the versatility of individuals, try adding a twisted crisscross design using rubber bands for a protective style that is truly unique.

Half-up, Half-down

This nostalgic style is great for pulling your braids back without adding too much tension. Plus, half-up, half-down styles are ridiculously simple to do.

Color-Coated Hearts

Braids in full color make a bold statement all on their own. But this style becomes even more striking with the addition of a few heart designs braided at the scalp. To maintain the health of your colored hair, be sure to keep braids moisturized while the style is in.

Chic Wrapped Bun

Small, long, knotless braids are great for updos like a wrapped bun, that reads elegant and regal. To get the look, place braids in a high ponytail and gently wrap them around so they lay smoothly and have a swooping effect.

Fulani Knotless Braids

Part cornrows and part knotless braids, this look is a perfect example of how versatile protective styles can be. Whether you choose straight or a patterned design for your cornrows, Fulani braids offer a look that is gorgeous and easy to maintain.

Side Bangs

Middle parts are great, but if you want something more dramatic, a deep side bang is the way to go. It will show off your cheekbones and give extra depth to the style.

Pattern Knotless

Have fun with your look and try these heart-shaped patterns. Whether you prefer to wear the braid style in baby buns or let it hang loose, this one is sure to turn heads.

Knotless Pony

Knotless ponytails are ideal for important events or date night. The sophisticated style is the perfect accessory for any season.

Mini Knotless

The amazing thing about knotless styles is that length does not matter, as proved here with this shorter option. If your hair is bob length, feel free to add in extensions to graze your shoulder, but don’t be afraid to go short.

Curly Knotless Bob

Knotless braids don’t discriminate on texture either. For a different vacation look, opt for a bob style with medium sized braids. Curly textured braiding hair with a few loose tendrils give this classic style a relaxed and casual feel.

Knotless Cornrow Bun

Cornrows, straight back braids with a knotless foundation, look amazing on all types of hair textures. This low bun style is a playful route for important meetings or on-the-go moments.

Less Is More

Take a page out of Teyana Taylor’s book and opt for four to six statement braids. The neat style will keep you looking sharp all season long.

Ombré Length

The longer the better is the vibe for this style. Be sure to sleep with a silk pillow or bonnet at night to protect the hair from frizzing.

Fiery Knotless

Channel the red, orange, and burgundy leaves of the season with this fiery red iteration. Remember to work in an oil every few days as your scalp will be exposed and still need moisture.

Space Buns Knotless

Beloved by Hailey Bieber, Lizzo, J.Lo, and Kendall Jenner, space buns are one of the top hair trends of the year and look even better in knotless braids.

Jumbo Knotless

For those short on time, look no further than jumbo box braids. The style typically takes less than an hour to achieve and will keep you protected for up to eight weeks.

Edges Highlighted Knotless

Put your edges on display with these long knotless braids. Be sure to have a good pomade or edge control handy to keep those edges laid.

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