Space Buns Are The '90s Trend Making A Comeback — Here's How To Get The Look

Out of this world cute

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
Lizzo in space buns.

Either everyone's feeling a tad nostalgic for simpler times, or just looking to embrace a bit more fun in their beauty routines — or of course, it could be both — but the '90s are in right now. And with the decade comes one of its most playful hairstyles: space buns. The trendy hairstyle consists of two buns, situated high up one on either side of the head (kind of like pigtails ... but buns). The look has been seen on everyone from Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Lopez to Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Of course, there are also countless variations on the trend — they often show up with the rest of the hair half-down, or in J.Lo's case, with face-framing wisps care of Chris Appleton. The celebrity hairstylist captioned his post featuring the throwback look as "Spicy🌶" a reference, of course, to the soundtrack of any '90s kid's life: The Spice Girls. In fact, it's not even the first time Appleton has sourced inspo for J.Lo's styles from the band. Back in March, the singer rocked the aforementioned half-up half-down take on the look. Appleton made the same reference then too, starting his caption with "Jlo spice 🌶."


But J.Lo's not the only star embracing the look. Kourtney Kardashian posed for a bathroom selfie in the cheeky style.


Tracee Ellis Ross rocked space buns in an IG video in which she rooted for the state of Georgia during its Senate elections.

And, most recently, Lizzo wowed in ethereal glam, complete with sleek space buns with curly tendrils peeking out the sides.

One of the fun things about this look is that it's super easy to do — it's really not much more complicated than splitting the hair in half from a middle part, and twisting it up into buns. So, for now, it actually serves as a perfect WFH style, too.

If you want to approach it with a slightly more professional take (or go all out and embellish your buns with pearls and velvet as seen in the video below), celebrity stylist and founder of Trademark Beauty Joseph Maine has some tips:

Start With Two Pigtails

"Start by gathering your hair into two high pigtails," Maine tells TZR. "Typically when putting hair up in a sleek way, I use Color Wow Pop and Lock Shine Serum to smooth the hair and make it easier to comb down any flyaways. I’ll also use a brush like the RPZL Polisher Brush because the bristles are strong enough to remove any bumps, but gentle on the scalp. I’ll use the My Kitsch elastics because they are clear and small but nearly impossible to break and they don’t pull your hair."

Fluff Up The Buns

"As I get to the last pull through on each pigtail, I stop once there is a bun shape 3 to 4 inches high and a long tail hanging from the bun. I pull slightly on the bun on each side to make it a bit fuller. Then I take the remaining hair that is hanging from below the bun and loosely twist it to one side."

"Once it’s twisted, I start at the part closest to the bun and use two fingers to pull hair from the twist to make it appear thicker. After this is completed down the length, I wrap it around the elastic at the base of the bun. It’s important to use a mirror to check positioning and size (balance is everything)."

Secure The Buns

"Once I’m happy with the size and shape, I will secure that piece with U-shaped pins or bobby pins doing a weaving motion as I enter the hair making sure to lock the wrap around hair into the tight base we created with the ponytail. Repeat on the other side."

Add Some Flair

"Finally I’ll add a bit of a wave to any fringe I left out or add some cute hair accessories to the side or back. I’ll also spray Cult Favorite Hair Spray by Color Wow on a toothbrush and use it to smooth any fly-aways. I love that particular spray because it doesn’t get flaky throughout the day."

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