10 Blonde Cornrow Hairstyles That Will Give Off Main Character Energy All Summer

So summery.

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Blonde cornrows are a simple way to put a summery twist on a beloved protective hairstyle. Ahead, discover 10 different ways to experiment with the look, whether you go for icy platinum or warm honey tones.@tshanimarithe
Crossover Braids

If you’re looking for an upgrade to traditional cornrows, this blonde crossover braided style will do the trick.

Platinum With Baby Hairs

For a bold look, these platinum blonde cornrows make quite the statement. The artfully styled baby hairs are the cherry on top.

Fulani Cornrows

By adding a braided section down the center of the hair, Fulani cornrows take a unique approach to the protective style.

Braided Top Knot

Low-maintenance hairstyles are always appreciated, and these cornrows into a braided top knot are peak effortlessness. Plus, the honey blonde shade gives it a summery feel.

Icy Highlights

You don’t have to fully commit to a lighter shade in order to try blonde cornrows. The platinum highlights in these long braids give the look a super cool vibe.

Blonde Cornrows Into Bantu Knots

This creative combination of light blonde braids, black cornrows, bantu knots, and face-framing braids is the like the infinity stone of vacation protective hairstyles.

Braided Pony

This long, braided ponytail brings the drama but still somehow looks effortless, and the jumbo cornrows are a unique touch.

Alternating Braids

Along with the icy platinum braids, these alternating micro cornrows take the style to an entirely new level.

Tapered Braids

Don’t be surprised if these blonde cornrows and breezy tapered braids leave you desperate for a poolside hang.

Wavy Cornrows

These wavy cornrows are reminiscent of the zig-zag parts of the early 2000s, giving the look a nostalgic feel.


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