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These July Nail Ideas Hit All The Marks

From music festivals to summer weddings.

July nail ideas

As the middle month of summer, July is always packed with events. There’s Fourth of July celebrations, tons of music festivals, what feels like a million summer weddings, and for many, gearing up for big vacations. Not to mention the fact that everyone is constantly trying to take advantage of the good weather by planning meet-ups with friends. It’s a busy time, for sure, but it’s also super exciting, especially when it comes to summer trends. For beauty, there’s fruity color palettes, applying any makeup that will make you glow, and simply adjusting your routine to fit the high temps and good vibes. Arguably, the most fun can be had with your manicures. The best July nail ideas will take inspiration from all of the occasions on your calendar.

Summer nail art will always be superior, so make sure to play with color and design when choosing a set for the month. For Fourth of July, you might want to experiment with a red, white, and blue combo. Music festival attendees should go bright and try out funky prints. If you like to keep it simple and need a look that works for multiple gatherings, a colorful French tip is the perfect way to add just a little bit of pop. There’s truly tons of inspiration to go around.

Below, you’ll find 10 July nail ideas that will be a great fit for whatever you’ve got planned this month.

Patriotic Hues

For those who have been blasting Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter album, this western-themed red, white, and blue set might just be the perfect Fourth of July nail art for you. Not only are the cowboy hat and boots so cute, but they’re a bit of a departure from your typical American flag. Beyoncé would definitely approve.

Mermaid Vibes

Spending your summer by the beach? Feel like a literal mermaid with this beachy design by Melanie Graves featuring sea-shells, water droplets, and clam-like art. The 3D aspects add that “immersing yourself in the elements” energy.

Pink Florals

Summer weddings are all about the florals whether it’s flower arrangements or flowered wedding-guest dresses, so why not take it up a notch by adding that factor to your manicure? This hot pink floral mani is the cutest way to elevate your wedding outfit of choice because neutrals and light pinks aren’t your only options.

Sunny Yellow

Don’t think nail experimentation is just about the color. You can also have fun with length and shape. If you haven’t given long nails a try, maybe now’s the time. These long pointed stiletto tips are offset by the cutest sunny yellow with this added floral print. This set screams summer vibes.

Rockin’ Red

For those who aren’t into designs or patterns, a vibrant orangey-red still brings that oomph you might be looking for. The best part about this specific color is that Paint Box sells this as a press-on nail set making for the easiest DIY mani ever.

Spicing Things Up

Fruity nail art has been all the rage this year. There have been tons of cherries, peaches, or grapefruits but why not spice things up, literally, by going for a chili pepper design? Not only are these little peppers adorable, but Sigourney Nuñez’s art also creates such a cool color combo with the red, chartreuse green, and pink.

Psychedelic Prints

Music festival season is in full swing and there is no better way to get into the free-spirited energy you feel while dancing in a field or swaying in a crowd than by getting an ultra-cool manicure. This mix of aura prints, thermal designs, and stars is sure to get you tons of compliments from fellow festival-goers.

Lemon Blueberry

As previously mentioned, this summer’s biggest nail trend has definitely been fruity prints. If you want to hop on the bandwagon, these yellow and blue French tips featuring incredibly detailed lemons and blueberries would make the prettiest vacation manicure. Just imagine yourself sipping on a lemon drop while overlooking the Italian Riviera.


Have your nails resemble a literal watercolor painting with this rainbow marbled manicure. The attention to detail and seamless blend of colors make this set deserving of being displayed in an actual museum.

Classic French Tips

For minimalists, the best way to add interest to a classic manicure is through adding a simple wash of color. Here, Ellie Louise did the cutest green French tips that are so fitting for the summer season’s matcha craze.