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For A Fresh Mani Idea, Fruit Nails Are Ripe For The Picking

Orange you glad it’s not florals?

fruit nails

So you’ve already tried florals, neons, and even returned to the classic French manicure. Summer’s only officially started and already you’re in need of a new kind of mani to capture the playful, breezy vibe of the season. Well, we’ve found it. Fruit nails aren’t exactly a new aesthetic — stars like Gigi Hadid and SZA have been sporting various versions since 2019 — but it’s back and it’s juicier than ever.

While the idea of a fruit mani might conjure up images for super vibrant, bold designs, it’s actually more versatile than you think. Nail artists are rolling out some seriously inspired versions that range from totally over-the-top to sweet and subtle — and that includes nails of all shapes and lengths. So there’s truly a look for everyone.

Whether you’re a strawberry girl, a pink lemonade lady, or you go for the whole fruit salad, there’s a design out there that’s your perfect match and there couldn’t be a better time to try it (vacation manicure, anyone?). To help you find it, TZR has searched high and low to find looks for minimalists, maximalists, and anyone in between. Keep reading to see them all, then go live your full fruit fantasy this summer.

Little Lemons

Bring the Amalfi Coast to your manicure with this creamy lemon design. What makes this one so unique is the soft palette, which requires both a pale yellow and a nude polish. It’s also more subtle than some of the others because not every nail is covered in lemons — instead paint on mostly solid yellow nails and mix in a few nude ones with the dainty design.

3D Kiwis

The 3D nail trend is a perfect with fruity nails — and you have so many options to choose from. This kiwi look is such an unexpected choice and the almond shape keeps this manicure feeling modern, not precious.

Pink Lemonade Nails

This juicy manicure mixes up a few different nail trends. The “fruit” nails (in this case pink citrus) feature 3D segments and they’re contrasted with French tips and white nails with a different pattern. But it all feels harmonious thanks to the limited color palette.

Simple Strawberry

If super minimalist, natural nails are your thing but you’re just dying to try the fruit trend, this simple single strawberry is a great gateway. And if you love it, you can always keep adding to it.

French & Fruity

Another subtle option is this almond-shaped micro French manicure that’s decorated with fruit designs so teeny, you practically need a magnifying glass to see them. But what you actually need — if you’re attempting to DIY, that is — is a very, very, fine brush.

Fruit Salad

This mixed up fruit mani might just have been the one that first kicked off the fad years ago. The design was created by celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri for Gigi Hadid, who wore it on a tropical vacation, because of course. And even five years later it feels a fresh as ever.

Berries & Cream

White nail lovers, this one’s for you. Start with a creamy solid base and then sponge on delicate strawberries and blueberries for a watercolor effect.

Very Cherry French Manicure

With pointed yellow French tips, teeny tiny cherries, and the faintest sparkle sprinkled throughout, this manicure has a lot going on, but the scale and balance of the design makes it look deceivingly simple and oh-so chic.

Strawberry Candy

For bolder fruity nails, this super sweet, candy-inspired manicure created a major statement. With a vibrant color palette and 3D texture that looks like the real deal, these nails will make you feel like the ultimate strawberry girl this summer.

Watermelon Jelly

Fruit and jelly make an ideal combination when it comes to summer manicures. This K-beauty trend makes any design feel so much juicier, so it’s perfect way to take your favorite fruit to the next level.