Kylie Jenner’s Vacation Nails Put A Glamorous Twist On The French Mani

Metallic is a neutral, TBH.

Kylie Jenner Vacation Looks 2024
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There is a wealth of vacation inspiration to be found when it comes to celebrity vacations, from their over-the-top resort looks to their exotic locales and luxurious accommodations. So if you’re planning an upcoming trip of your own, it doesn’t hurt to take a stroll through social media to gather ideas — and that includes what to do with your nails. For your consideration, may we present Kylie Jenner’s gold French tips? She recently chose a shimmering twist on the classic nail design for her yacht trip around Mallorca, and it’s surprisingly versatile while still giving you a bit of flashiness that you’d want for a glamorous getaway.

We’re living in a “pics or it didn’t happen” society, and you want that manicure looking flawless for that future photo dump. Jenner knows this better than anyone — so of course she had her nails on point for the recent excursion with sister Kendall. In addition to her iridescent pink pedicure, the beauty mogul complemented her vacation wardrobe (which included designer looks by the likes of Khaite and Jean Paul Gaultier) with the metallic-tipped mani, and it managed to go with everything. After all, metallic is technically a neutral, right?

If you break out your magnifying glass and examine Jenner’s recently posted pics and videos (which, obviously, we did), you’ll notice that her nails are actually pretty subtle, which is exactly what makes them work as a versatile vacation mani. Instead of a mirror-like chrome, as seen during Kerry Washington’s LA Times Festival of Books appearance, the Khy founder opted for a more shimmering champagne hue and gradient effect, not unlike Beyonce’s gleaming nude cat-eye nails. So while she’s giving it her own spin, she definitely got the gold memo.


Jenner typically leaves her tips in the hands of artist Zola Ganzorigt, who gave Jenner her previous vacation nails (an iridescent rainbow chrome) back in April as well as her ivory-nude nails at the Met Gala. So if we had to place our bets, we’d guess she’s the one responsible for the gold-tipped mani. She also decorated Adele’s nails with black and gold French tips, if you’re looking for another variation on the style.

Of course, you don’t need to be headed off to a glamorous vacation to try out a similar look — it will be just as versatile for all your summer looks no matter where you’re headed (even if it’s just your own backyard). And if you’re in need of instant gratification for just $15, we’ve found a press-on style that will help you achieve the effect ASAP.