TZR’s Vacation Packing List Takes You Around The World & Back

From Santa Fe to Ibiza.

TZR Victoria Warnken, Photos: Stocksy, Shutterstock
Woman posing in front of a picturesque coastal town and rocky terrain.

In childhood, summertime signified a period of freedom from school, homework, and early morning wake-up calls. While this carefree seasonal standard does not exactly translate to adulthood for most, the warm-weather months still remain a time of respite — even if it’s just for a week or two. It offers the opportunity to visit exotic, bucket-list locales or long-loved destinations. A time to release our grip on digital devices and the constant lure of work emails and Slack messages.

With Memorial Day nearly upon us, Team TZR already has visions of OOO notifications and long days spent on faraway coastlines. For EIC Kathy Lee, a perfect summer vacation consists of her annual family trip to Sardinia where she volleys between dips in the Mediterranean and decadent feasts of pasta and wine. Beauty Editor Amanda Ross is also a creature of habit, heading to Mexico every year to indulge in margaritas, luxury resort amenities, and the country’s rich culture. For some, this summer serves as an opportunity to enjoy the natural splendors the U.S. has to offer. Deputy Beauty Editor Erin Lukas will be heading west, navigating the majestic desert life in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Associate Fashion Editor Kelsey Stewart is designating some family time in Geneva on the Lake, a quaint town in Ohio, perfect for escaping the crowds and daily stressors of city life.

As the TZR team prepares to scatter around the world for the next three months, you can rest assured we have our packing game locked and loaded, ready to truly embrace all the vacay vibes. Ahead, check out the editors’ plans for the summer and the essentials we’ll be taking with us to stay cool and IG-ready.

Sardinia, Italy

“My family and I vacation in Sardinia every summer. We rent a villa by the beach, invite friends, and stay put for about a month — it's absolute bliss. We slow down, take naps, and go for morning swims while enjoying the presence of family and friends over daily bowls of pasta al fresco. I try to take a carry-on each trip, most often I succeed, and what I pack are my absolute essentials. It's an equation that took me well over a decade to perfect, and I've never felt the need to add more. Since the sun is very strong there and I tan very easily, I make sure I have a good mix of clothes that cover my skin and that are light and airy, and proper hats (your scalp is skin too!). I like to mix it up with minimal designs in neutral colors and three to four pieces that are bolder in color, print, or design for a special night out. Most importantly, I make sure to have swimsuits that are not only stylish — as I'm living in them more so than regular clothes — but that stay put and secure when going on long swims.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief

Dubrovnik, Croatia

“Croatia has been on my bucket list for years, and now I finally get to cross it off with a week-long excursion this July. An added bonus to this trip is that I get to bring my sister, which marks our first trip together in years. Needless to say I’m pumped and am already researching the weather in Dubrovnik, as I want to look the part of a carefree retro starlet on a fabulous coastal European getaway. That said, I also want to dress practically since the seaside city is hottest mid-summer. So, to find some balance, I’m packing lightweight linen tops with elevated crochet details, embellished one-piece swimsuits that double as chic bodysuits, and skorts that are sleek and versatile but also ideal for walking around in. I’ve been very inspired by Palm Royale of late, so you’ll likely also see me running around in a vibrant silk scarf, channeling all the cool ‘60s vibes. I don’t like to pack a ton of handbags for vacation — I typically select one or two that’ll work with a number of outfits and occasions. This trip, I’ve selected a roomy black tote from vegan leather handbag maker Mela. The tote is perfect for everything from long shopping days to spontaneous nights out.” — Angela Melero, executive editor

Tulum, Mexico

“Incredible views, relaxing resorts, amazing restaurants, and a margarita every hour on the hour — I physically crave a trip to Mexico every year. It doesn't matter which side of the country I'm on and who I'm with (though nothing beats a romantic getaway), I always have an unforgettable experience. Last year was Los Cabos and the year before was Puerto Vallarta, but this summer I'm thinking it's all about Tulum. Because I don't feel like I'm traveling too far from home, I'm a proud overpacker, stuffing my suitcase with tons of options for beach days, nights out, and even more adventurous excursions. I'm trying to refine my selections a little bit these days, though, by going for more versatile pieces like reversible bathing suits, mix-and-match woven sets, and just a few pairs of go-with-anything shoes that I can make work for a nice dinner and some exploring around town. Some of my favorite pieces can feel a little on-the-nose with woven materials and mosaic-style patterns, but if you can't feel colorful and celebratory in Tulum, where can you?” — Amanda Ross, beauty editor

Santa Fe, USA

“Whenever I want to completely disassociate from the stress of my daily life without going overseas, I head west. Perhaps it's because the climate and terrain is so drastically different from where I grew up, and I'm drawn to the desert and find it relaxing. While I've explored the West Coast, I'm still making my way through the South West. Santa Fe, New Mexico is next on the list because there's loads to see and do, but the city is still quaint enough to conquer on a long weekend friend’s trip. There are ample spa and wellness centers to zen out, but the destination offers a number of cultural activities, too. I try to pack pieces that are compact, like a breezy knee-length linen dress for the daytime and a patterned silk maxi one for nighttime dinners. I’ll pair both outfits with versatile statement flats. Since it gets cool in the desert as soon as the sun goes down, a lightweight jacket is a must — and it will keep me warm on the plane. And, of course, no vacation outfit is complete without sunglasses and a bag that’s big enough to carry all of my essentials without being too cumbersome while walking around.” — Erin Lukas, deputy beauty editor

Geneva On The Lake, USA

“Like clockwork, my family books a house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for our annual week-long summer vacation in early August. But this year, we’re switching things up, and instead heading to Geneva On The Lake, a quaint town in Ohio. Though I’m notoriously an overpacker, I’m challenging myself to fit everything I need for the trip in one carry-on suitcase (wish me luck). We keep our getaways fairly low-key, typically exploring the shopping scene and eating out at local restaurants. That said, looks I can wear more than once, like a lightweight, eye-catching top and pared-back Bermuda shorts, are essential. And if I’m in the mood to take a dip in the water, I’ll reach for a versatile one-piece suit, which I’ll also likely wear as a bodysuit out and about. Finally, because my vacation outfits are never complete without playful jewelry, my colorful baubles will be coming along, too.” — Kelsey Stewart, associate fashion editor

Copenhagen, Denmark

“I've had Copenhagen on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. Between the beautiful, bright architecture, laid-back atmosphere, and vibrant fashion scene, it's my dream summer destination. When I travel, I prefer to forgo popular tourist attractions and instead try to explore the city like a local — reading in coffee shops, stopping into every vintage shop, relaxing in a park. Since my primary mode of transportation will be a bike, I need to keep my packing choices relatively practical. For footwear, I'll switch between my trusty Mary Janes and some fashion-forward sneakers (since the Scandi girls always have the best sneaks). Colorful, patterned midi dresses are also a style staple of the city, so you know I'll be partaking in the trend for my visit. A fun one-piece is also a must, I especially love a swimsuit that can be styled to look like a regular top — I'm already dreaming about pairing mine with a midi skirt. And because it can cool off a bit at night, a lightweight cardigan sweater to layer will not be a waste of suitcase space.” — Maggie Haddad, senior strategist, social media

Cayman Islands

“This summer I’m manifesting a trip to Grand Cayman Islands, specifically Palm Heights. A long weekend at a beautiful, luxury hotel is exactly the kind of soft reset I’m looking for. I’m a chronic overpacker, but I will make it my mission to fit everything into a carry-on. A sunny bikini and cargo shorts to sit pool or beachside by day. For dinner and any other nighttime activities, I’d swap the bikini for a going-out top, throw on an easy pair of kitten heels, and a durable handbag to carry all of my essentials.” — Samantha Scott, newsletter editor & strategist, BDG

Ibiza, Spain

“When people think of Ibiza, they might picture day clubs and EDM DJs. While that certainly exists, it only scratches the surface of what this magical island has to offer. When I arrive in Ibiza, I instantly feel my tight shoulders unfurl. Something about the tropical beachy feel mixed with European flair makes it such a special place — you get the best of both worlds here, along with some incredible food, breathtaking views, and some of the most jaw-dropping sunsets you'll ever see. I pack light (or try to) when I visit Ibiza since most people just wear statement swimsuits and coverups during the day. For nighttime, if we're going to a nice dinner, I'll pack a pair of strappy sandals that can also work for daytime, micro-shorts and a silk top, or a breezy dress. There’s a bohemian air to the way people dress in Ibiza, which is fun to lean into — I’m down to show a little more skin, whether that means a sheer dress, crochet separate, or cutout detailing.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director, BDG