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The Black French Tips Trend Is The Antithesis Of ‘Clean Girl’ Nails

Edgy and cool.

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Black French tip nails

Summer nails are all about laidback vibes and bright colors, while fall manicures focus on vampy polishes and glossy finishes. But there’s a subtle nail trend that’s going against the seasonal status quo: black French tips. So if you’ve been waiting for summer to pass so you can go back to your comfort zone of emo-esque dark neutrals, you’re in luck. This moody take on the classic French manicure is now a year-round staple – at least, as far as Instagram nail creators are concerned.

Like other modern takes on the nail design, there’s room to customize the black French tips trend to suit your personal style. Adding a bold inky stripe to just a couple fingers and/or adding hand-painted swirls, flowers, or even cats is one possibility. Alternatively, you can play with texture by combining glossy and matte polish finishes in your manicure. And of course, if your vibe is more traditional, you can simply go with a classic black tip on every nail and seal it with a topcoat to ensure it stays chip-free.

Ahead, 10 black French tip nail ideas that prove why this manicure is one of the year’s biggest trends. Bonus: the neutral color palette compliments virtually every outfit.

The Feline French

Even if you’re not a cat person, there’s no denying this beguiling twist on a French Manicure. More chic than spooky, the feline tips come complete with tiny pointy ears and sharp eyes that further draw you in. Regardless of where you’re headed, this posh update to the classic is sure to turn heads and will probably start more than a few interesting conversations.

Half-Moon Nails‌

This trendy look is making a strong comeback and it’s not hard to see why. With a nod to the classic French manicure design, it exudes elegance but has a moody feel thanks to the midnight black polish. The perfect balance of minimalist and vampy, its resurgence is just in time for fall’s gray mornings and the short evenings.

Decorated With Daisies

When it comes to nail art, flowers are usually limited to bright sunny manicures. But when paired with shiny black tips, they bring a fun, colorful twist to the trend. If you’ve been a fan of rainbow French manicures, think of this as a fresh update and alternate the shades of your daisies for a unique look.

Negative Space Extensions

Long almond-shaped nails are ideal for daring and dramatic designs like these negative space French tips. The look, which relies on the contrast of glossy black polish and bare nails, brings a whole new meaning to minimalist nail art. Instead of airy light colors, this design uses clean lines to deliver an artistic, contemporary look.

Matte Black

This shine-free trend slowly crept its way back to the forefront of nail designs last winter. But as summer is heading out and cooler seasons are being ushered in, it’s bound to become even more popular. The matte black finish can be hard to execute on its own, but with a contrasting glossy tip, it’s easy to wear and completely on trend for fall.

Diamond Studded

A little sparkle is never a bad idea when it comes to nails. If you’re looking to add something special to your standard design, give it a touch of glamour with a few scattered rhinestones. Unlike the gem-adorned looks of the past, this French manicure has the elegance of a black tie outfit that’s topped off with diamonds. It’s also an easy way to refresh an old set in case you forgot to book your nail appointment during a busy week.

Invisible French Manicure‌

Nail trends are fun to try on their own and even better when combined. Take this twist, which mixes matte black polish with the invisible French manicure. When blended together, the two have a stylish look that’s reminiscent of Thierry Mugler’s iconic illusion designs.

Patterned Tips

Maybe you’re not ready to completely ditch your stark white French tips. If that’s the case, opt for this patterned manicure which uses black swirls to offset the crisp color beneath them.

Mix & Match Mani

This mixed mani is perfect for indecisive types who simply can’t choose between solid, French, or nail art. By mixing up the nail placement and incorporating art, whether painted or stickers, you can give your nails a little extra intrigue and shake up your typical routine.

Queen Of Hearts

Inspired by the yinyang colors and swirls, this chic option is a simple way to mix in black polish with traditional white tips. Not only do the alternating colors provide a balanced contrast to the nude base, but it’s easy to achieve at home.

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