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If You Think Black Nails For Summer Are Taboo, Let This Mani Convince You Otherwise

It totally works.

french tip nails

Summer is all about sunshine, laid back vibes, vacations, and brightly colored everything —especially when it comes to nails. Salons and nail techs have been preparing all year for intricate, colorful nail art, mix-matched colors, and lots of hand-drawn flowers and sunshine emojis. But there’s a subtle nail trend that’s going against the vibrant status quo this summer: Black French tip nails. If you’re of the moodier variety and have been waiting for summer to pass so you can go back to your comfort emo-esque manicures, you’re in luck, because this season, amidst all the maximalist manicures, minimalist black French nails are here to stay.

Of course everyone knew French manicures weren’t going anywhere — and even if they do fall by the wayside, they always come back. This summer though, it seems the stylish set is opting for partial French manis, where the half moon tip is only present one one or two fingers, while the other nails are left bare or adorned with dainty hand-drawn designs — a great alternative if you can’t quite part with French tips but want to try something new.

If your vibe is true-to-summer and you’re intent on living in color, don’t think you have to get a black French mani to stay on trend — bold manicures like glitter green nails and marble swirls are still on the menu for summer, as evidenced by this week’s cutest Instagram manicures.

See below for 10 nail ideas from the app our editors are loving and that you’ll want to replicate ASAP.

Brown Flower Nails

“I love how this mani incorporates three trendy nail art designs without ‘doing too much’. Combining a swirl and flower design with French tips can result in a busy-looking mani, but the soft brown and nude tones balance it all out.” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor, TZR

Chrome Molecular Nails

“As a self-proclaimed minimalist, out-of-the-box nail designs are usually not within my comfort zone — but that definitely doesn’t stop me from admiring and these 3D chrome nails made me click ‘like’ and ‘save’ in an instant.” — AB

Green Glitter Nails

“As much as I love a multicolored manicure, something about a monochrome (yet no less exciting) nail look scratches a very satisfying part of my brain. This upbeat summer manicure uses just a few shades of bright green and some well-placed rhinestones to create 10 distinct designs — one for each nail, zero repeats.” — Amanda Ross, Beauty News Writer

Happy Hour Nails

“This summer cocktail manicure is SO cute. I love that the artist kept the nails simple with an opaque nude shade to let the artful drawings shine. This mani has me craving an Aperol spritz and a charcuterie board.” — Maggie Haddad, senior social media strategist, TZR

Moody French Tips

“I haven’t hit French manicure exhaustion quite yet, but I’m looking to change up the classic white or cream vibe with something a little more dramatic. Black French tip nails are an elegant twist on the traditional design, and since the once an emo kid, always an emo kid refrain is very much true, I’ll happily wear this moody mani all through summer and into fall.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

Mix & Match Mani

“I can be indecisive to a fault at the nail salon when I’m trying to pick a color, so lately I’ve embraced wearing a different shade on each hand. The more the merrier, right? Green and blue nails are some of my favorite tones for summer, and I’m all about mixing up the nail placement for a little extra intrigue. If you’re not into nail art, this is an easy way to still shake up your classic manicure.” — HB

Summer Highlights

“Fact: Bright neons are synonymous with summer. And as much as I love them, it’s not always my go-to as it can be too statement-making for every day life, not on holiday. Which is why I love this manicure, it has a strong single-color pastel base, perfect for summer, and a pop of neon to highlight the shape of the nail. ” — Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer, TZR

Marble Swirls

“When it comes to nails these past two years, I am an ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ kind of girl. Meaning, as much as I love scrolling through design after design, my nails look so good with a square shape and single, all-over polish that I haven’t ventured out. But to celebrate Pride this year, I decided to go for a multi-color and swirl design and have been so inspired and energized by the unique design. Next up on my summer list are these pink and cream swirled-all-over design. I love how the pink channels summer flowers and as it’s marble, it’s easy to execute at-home. All you really need is a makeup sponge to tap it on.” — NM

Colorful Clouds

“I’ve played with traditional cloud designs before, but this ‘90s-inspired multi-colored version is so fun and summer-appropriate. This season is a time to fully embrace color, and if you can’t decide which shade to go with, why not try them all at once? I will be!” — Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR

Peachy Tips

“I’m convinced color has the power to lift moods as I glance at this creamy peachy hue — it brings me a bit of joy just looking at it. And the tiny daisy nail art is so precious and subtle. It’s the perfect seasonal nude that complements any bright colored frocks or all-beige ensembles I plan to wear according to my fancy this summer.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief, TZR